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Twitter Released a New Free App for Small Business Advertising


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Last week, Twitter released a new mobile application (app) called the Twitter Small Business Planner that is designed to help small businesses plan their Twitter marketing activities more easily. The app helps users create and structure marketing efforts for their Twitter campaigns. It was released just in time for the upcoming holiday season and is aimed to get small businesses selling for Christmas.

Twitter Small Business Planner

The app offers several helpful features to small business users, including:

  • A daily calendar with useful topics on marketing such as tweet suggestions and new ad strategies
  • The ability to sync the topics you want to your personal or work mobile calendar to help your business stay on top of its Twitter marketing campaigns
  • Access to additional resources such as ebooks, research, blog articles, and case studies
  • More information about their #SmallGoesBig campaign which provides free webinars to small businesses on topics such as effective customer care for the holidays
  • An in-app social network which is separate from the public Twitter stream and features updates from Twitter’s SMB Team as well as the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with other small business users

The social network is especially useful if you are new to Twitter in helping discover what has and hasn’t worked for other businesses, similar to yours. The calendar allows users to keep on top of Twitter marketing campaigns alongside other daily tasks. The plethora of information is made readily available to keep marketers inspired and up-to-date on the latest features and opportunities.

The app is free and available to iOS and Android mobile devices. After downloading the app, the user is presented FAQs to help get acquainted with features and functionality.

This release goes hand-in-hand with the Twitter for Small Businesses Website which was redesigned late last month to increase ease of use to customers.

Twitter SMB Website

The new website makes it easier than ever to get started and get the most our of Twitter, giving the user 6 straight-forward options once landing on the page:

  1. Create or manage a twitter presence
  2. Grow a follower base
  3. Drive website clicks or conversions
  4. Increase Tweet engagements
  5. Drive app installs or engagements
  6. Find leads on Twitter

So no matter what you’re looking to do, Twitter easily guides you through the process.

Both of these updates reflect Twitter’s commitment to making their platforms useful and easily accessible to the small and medium business client. These tools are designed to give you the information necessary to make the most of Twitter as an advertising platform for your business. Try them yourself and see what they can do for you!