Webeden Blog Google Products Wake up and smell the coffee: Google injects caffeine into Search

Wake up and smell the coffee: Google injects caffeine into Search


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Google has just made available a new version of its search engine. With a project name of Caffeine, the new platform boasts quicker, more relevant and more comprehensive results.

Described as the “next-generation architecture for Google’s web search”, Caffeine has been in development for most of this year.

A Google spokesman has said that this is just the first phase of a process that will “push the envelope” in terms of the search engine’s size, accuracy, comprehensiveness, indexing speed, and (bizarrely) “other dimensions”.

You can test Caffeine yourself and give Google feedback before the full public release.

Google have said that most users won’t notice much difference in the search results. The changes have been made at a deep level within the search architecture, and affect the building blocks on which all the search algorithm is based.

Since Google always lets you know how quick the search has been, if you give it a quick test you will notice that the results come back a few fractions of a second faster. There are also thousands more results that the main search engine.

I for one have never had a problem with the speed of results from Google – there already seems to be a small enough gap after I press ‘search’.

All this means that if you have a Search Engine Optimisation programme in place, you will have to take account of a new set of rules. As to what exactly those rules are, we’ll make sure you are kept up to date.

Rather than a reaction to the launch of Bing, Google said it has been working on Caffeine for months. This evolution of Google is designed to keep it one step ahead of any threat from Microsoft, so is unlikely as simply a market reaction to the launch of Microsoft’s Bing.

Check out Caffeine now and let us know if you see anything interesting.