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Who is Google’s biggest challenger?

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On this blog we’ve talked quite a bit about the market share of each search engine. Despite their best efforts to launch new search engines such as Bing; or to combine their search engines; neither Microsoft nor Yahoo appear able to challenge the dominance of Google.

But may be the challenger is coming from a different direction. Last year we ran with a story that said that Facebook was the fastest growing search engine. And Facebook is growing in all other areas too.

Facebook is good for News Websites

For example, according to Hitwise traffic from Facebook to US news sites has tripled over the last year, whilst Google’s share has remained static.

This has emboldened news publishers such as Rupert Murdoch to demand money from Google for their content, or face being locked out of it.

Now that Facebook has passed the 400m user milestone, it might be Facebook that is the biggest threat to the way Google wants to run things.

Google on the Run

Is Google scared? Well for the first time ever they splashed out $5m on a TV ad during the Superbowl a few weeks ago. Is that a proactive move or a reactive one?

Facebook already has a cosier relationship with news providers, who often choose to publish their content on Facebook.

Of course Google claim that actually they are helping news publishers, sending them an estimated 4bn visits every year.

With Facebook and Twitter of course the content is entirely at the publishers’ discretion, and they get to see who is reading it; both features that Google does not let them have.

Some have speculated that were Facebook to launch a comprehensive web-wide search engine, Google would lose huge traffic overnight.

Google Buzz Fail?

Then too there is the launch of Google Buzz – a defensive move surely, as Google tries to muscle in on the social media landscape.

Do you think the Google Empire may be having a wobble? Or have Google got nothing to worry about; Facebook is no threat to them? Leave us a comment below.

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    I’m not very keen in having all my eggs in one basket. That may be an old fashioned way to look at the intertubes, but I wouldn’t want to spend my whole life inside the FB bubble.

    Same reason that I am not that keen on using Google for everything either – browsing yes, e-mail yes, RSS reader yes, Blogger yes…..google documents – nope.

    FB is the Devil’s Handiwork – all scrabble games and sending hugs *shudders*…..and loads of strangers that want to be your Friend…..nah, it’s not for me personally.

    However, the organisation that I’m Chair of does have a FB page and what not…I may not *like* it, but I’m not mad; I know that’s where people hang out, so I need to make sure we have a presence there ;-)


  • admin

    Woah Alison you sure are controversial ;-) I feel a debate coming on!