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Google starts to include Facebook updates in the real-time search results

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A couple of months ago, Google (and Yahoo and Bing for that matter) started to include ‘real-time updates from Twitter in the search results. This meant that you could see what people were saying – right now – about the keyword that you’d just searched with.

For a couple of days the real time results were at the top of the page. Following comments that this was confusing for users they disappeared altogether. They’ve now reappeared – for some search categories like ‘brand’ keywords, about half way down the page.

Updates from Facebook

Google has now taken real time and social media integration one step further, by including updates from Facebook pages.

To start with, Google will only include updates from 3m Facebook Pages including those for businesses, brands and celebrities. It won’t include those from the 397m rest of us.

Apparently Facebook has already struck a deal with Bing (owned by Microsoft) to include real-time updates from all 400m users. Its not yet live on the site though.

A good opportunity for Website Owners

At the risk of sounding like a scratched record, this is a great opportunity if you’re a business or website owner. Sign up to Twitter; set up a Facebook page for your business. Engage and interact with your users on both. If you’re not sure what to say then read our guide on what to say on Twitter. The more positive conversation you can generate around your brand or website, the more positive comments users will see when they search for you online.

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  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk alison cross

    If you are not signed up to something like Social Oomph to drop tweets into your timeline while you’re sleeping, at least make sure your last couple of tweets for the day are worthwhile – they’ll be lying about on google until you start again.

    So, for a club, you could make your last two tweets of the day about your membership fee and your website details.

    Ali x

  • admin

    Thanks for that Alison – good advice, I think I’ll try it!