Webeden Blog Digital Marketing How many people click on the top result on Google?

How many people click on the top result on Google?


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Hopefully by now some of you will be following our Search Engine Optimisation Guide (SEO) to boost your website up the Search Engine Results Pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search Engines are usually the single biggest source of traffic for any website, so having some kind of SEO program for your website is an important way to boost visitor numbers.

But when it comes to SEO, just how high up the rankings do you have to be? How high is high enough? First 5 pages? Page 1? Top 5? Top 3? Top spot?

The percentage of people clicking on each link has been a closely guarded secret for some time, but we came across some information on the SEO blog SEOMoz that has let the cat out of the bag.

The data is a bit old – comes from an AOL release back in 2007, but we reckon it probably hasn’t changed all that much.

Here’s the figures:

Very interesting. This shows that the reward for being top spot is so much higher than number 2. And if you’re outside the top three then you’re only going to be picking up the crumbs.

I think it’s also interesting that more than 10% of results clicked are on page 2. I never bother going that far, so assumed that others didn’t either.

If you want to boost your website higher in the search engine results pages then have a look at our SEO Guide.

How are your rankings getting along? Get much traffic from Google? Which keywords? Leave us a comment below.