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How to add a Skype button to your Website

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Last month we talked about the 10 essentials that every business website should have.

No.1 on this list was contact details – its probably the most important element to any website.

You should give your website visitors the option of interacting with you in as many ways as possible: Telephone, email address, physical address, contact form, forum, Twittter, Facebook.

Today we had a great tip from Phil Evans who runs Fractal Design. Its all about how to add a Skype button to your website, so that people can contact you by Skype.

1. Go to this page on Skype: http://www.skype.com/intl/en/share/buttons/

It looks like this:

2. Enter Your Skype Name

3. Choose a Style of button (and here are the choices):

3. Press ‘Preview your Button’

4. Copy the HTML that is generated in the box beside the ‘Preview’ button

5. Go to your WebEden control panel and place the WebEden HTML Snippet in the place on the page that you would like your Skype button to appear.

The HTML snippet can be found by going:

File Manager –> Library –> HTML Snippet

This is what it looks like:

6. Paste the code from Skype into the Snippet, and press ‘save’.

Hey presto! A Skype button on your Website! People can now contact you via Skype.

Many thanks to Phil for this tip.

Any comments about this tip, or if you have any of your own, please leave them below

  • http://www.jelliltd.com Charli

    I This feature is brill, however I opted for the button that shows my status and it doesn’t appear to be working! Shows me as offline, when I am not.. any tips?


  • admin

    Hmmm, that’s an odd one Charli – we’ll ask Phil if he can trouble shoot this one.

    Can you let us know the web page where you’ve put it on?


  • http://www.dtsbromsgrove.com Ken

    Pasted the snippet as advised but cannot for some reason get the link working. Advice please

    Thanks, Ken

  • admin

    Hi Ken,

    So you’ve placed the the HTML on the page, and pasted the code from Skype into the HTML snippet, is that right?

    Can you show it to me ‘in situ’ so we can take a look?


  • http://www.brightoakconsultancy.co.uk Adam

    I also cannot get the status to work on the Skype button, did this ever get resolved or is it a fruitless exercise?



  • http://www.mediatzu.com Beauartz

    Just added the button but the link does not seem to work, nothing happens when clicking on the button. Any ideas?

  • http://sporting-image.net.tc tom

    I also cannot get the status to work on the Skype button

  • Ray

    Hi Guys,

    I think maybe since the post was written some of our parameters have changed.

    So i shall get a new post written up asap.

    Thank you for your patience

  • http://www.blogconblogger.com/ leonardo bellante

    Now the tool to create the skype button is changed. there is not a wide choice of buttons

  • Meindert Jorna

    O this is old. And strange enough, no skype button creator anymore with showing status?