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How to delete your cookies in Internet Explorer


How to

Once again, if you don’t know what a cookie is then read our post on ‘what is a cookie‘.

For those of you I am yet to convince to change to Firefox, here’s how you delete cookies in Internet Explorer (IE).

Go to ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’. You’ll get a dialogue box like this:

Half way down, where it says ‘Browsing History’, press ‘settings’. The new dialogue box will look like this:

Half way down choose ‘view files’. You then get a massive list of files that Internet Explorer has downloaded from websites that you’ve visited. Some of these will be your cookies; they’re usually listed as ‘text documents’ under ‘file type’.

This is where Firefox has the edge. In IE you have to go through these files one by one to find the cookie for the website that you want to delete. Once you’ve found the cookies for a particular website, right click on it and then choose ‘delete’.

The easy option is to just make the switch to Firefox ;-)

Good luck!