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How to set up your Webmail

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How to

Every domain name in your WebEden control panel comes with free email services. Here we’re going to look at how to use those email services usiing webmail.

In order to take advantage of our free webmail, you’ll need to either register a domain name with Webeden (or use the free one you get with your package), or transfer one in.

It’s all pretty easy with webmail, you just have to remember to use your mailbox name and not an alias to log in. There are a few other rules but we’ll cover those below. So if you need some help, have a problem to solve or you’re just curious please read on…

Getting your Emails Online

Accessing your mail online is not unlike accessing mail from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. All you need is access to the Internet, your login details and hey presto, you have mail! So even if you are miles from home or your own computer, you can access your mail. With our mail, you get 5 mailboxes, unlimited aliases and 1GB of disc space to store you mail.

Accessing your email

You can access your mail from the Domain Name page on Webeden.co.uk where you can confirm your mailbox name. Just make sure your are logged in order to do this. Or you can go direct to your webmail login page by using the following format: webmail.yourdomain.tld (where TLD means Top Level Domain e.g. .com, .co.uk, .net, .org). You can even save your webmail login page to your Favorites.

Once you open your webmail page:

1. Add your mail box name in the field (not one of your aliases)

2. The settings for “Interface” and “Open in new window” can be left alone

3. Tick the “Remember me” if you wish the system to remember your login details

4. Click “Login”

Once logged in you will see the usual tools and features including folder and email management, address book, mailbox settings and email rules.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why am I getting an error when l try to log in?

A. The usual causes are incorrect password or using the wrong mailbox name. If you use an alias rather than the mailbox name the login will fail. To check this, just login to moonfruit.com, go to the Mange Domains section and click the ‘Email & Settings’ link beside your domain. The name of your mailbox or mailboxes will be listed. These are the ones you must use to login.

Q. Why am I not receiving my emails?

A. The most common problem is creating an alias that conflicts with one of your mailboxes. For example if you have mailboxes named Sales, Support and Billing and the Billing mail box also has an alias called Sales. If an email is sent to sales@ then the system won’t know which mailbox to deliver it to, so it will fail. Please just check your aliases in all your mailboxes and remove any that conflict.

A. Sometimes when testing emails you may use a redirect externally, one that bounces your email back to your new email address. This is never guaranteed to work as some email systems view emails being sent back to themselves as redundant and delete or block their return. If you wish to test your email address use another external account or service to forward to.

Q. How much space do I get to store my emails?

A. With our webmail you get 1GB

Q. If I transfer my domain name to you, will my email be transferred as well?

A. If you are transferring your domain name to us, all your mail will be stored on you current provider’s servers, so once the transfer completes your mail will be lost. We suggest using an email client (like Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird) to back up your mailbox locally onto your computer before you begin transferring your domain name.

What does all this jargon mean?

Alias: Alternative names you can give to a specific mailbox to provide more flexibility with your service. For example under the sales@myname mailbox you could have the names of your sales team e.g. john@, susi@, josh@ all of which would redirect to Sales. Be warned though that ‘all’ addresses must be unique.

Email Client: Another name for an application that allows you to access, manage and download your emails to your computer. These include MS Outlook, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora and Opera Mail. To use these clients you need to set up your incoming and outgoing services e.g. POP, IMAP, SMTP.

Mail Forwarding: This means that you won’t have a mailbox for receiving or sending mail and any mail sent to your new email address will not be stored on the server but redirected or forwarded to the email address you want to access it from e.g. me@mydomainname.com > me@gmail.com

Mailbox: This is an account you create using your domain name which allows you to view, save and send emails from. You can access your mailbox using webmail or by using an email client like Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird etc. The mailbox name must be used as the username to login to it.

Webmail: This means accessing your email online, that is without an email application on your computer. The most common examples are Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, although our webmail also lets you access your mail over the internet

  • Jayne


    I have just set up a webmail account with my domain name which has just been transfered to you. Unfortunately when I click on “Open my webmail” I get the following message:

    Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)

    Your requested host “webmail.housemedics.co.uk” could not be resolved by DNS

    Please could you advise what might be wrong.

    Many thanks

  • admin

    Hi Jayne,

    This might be because the domain has only just been transferred, so the DNS hasn’t completely been sorted yet. It can take up to 36 hours.

    If you could try again tomorrow that would be great. If it still happening, please can you send your username to ken@webeden.net


  • http://www.surfinglessonsnewquay.com ben ridding

    hi ken,

    i’m struggling withthe webmail thing. How do i know what my ‘mail box’ name is and my password when trying to access an account?
    trying to set up my http://www.beachbuddieseurope.co.uk and can get to webmail.beachbuddieseurope.co.uk fine but no ide what to put in the boxes as never given them any info beofre?!
    any ideas? iknow you are the holder of all knowlede!

  • http://www.surfinglessonsnewquay.com ben ridding

    Sorry Ken,

    Just found the video tutorial that has answered all of my questions


    This is much easier than i first thought!

  • admin

    Good stuff – I like it when people answer their own questions!

    Have a good one Ben.


  • http://lesacmaroc.com Tata

    A challenge that I am facing with my Webeden email and have been unable to find any mention of is how to stop it from automatically timing out (while I am still logged in) and losing whatever I am working on at the time… anyone know a solution for this? Thank you. Tat

  • Emma

    I am trying to access my webmail via my mobile and need to know the server. Can you help?