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Putting your Business on the Map

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Do you run a business, or are you building a website for your business or someone else’s? You may or may not know, but thanks to Google Maps and some information lifted from the Yellow pages, there is already information about you that is appearing in the Google search results.

You may yourself have seen this. When you search for a particular sort of business in a specific place, you are often presented with a map along with a list of providers who fit the bill.

Here’s an example:

These maps really grab the attention of anyone presented with them. To start with, because they are a visual representation they stand out from all the other text on the page. Second, since they provide specific map based information to someone who has searched for a specific business type in a local area, they are likely to be extremely relevant to the searcher’s query.

These listings are compiled from a database called ‘Google local’, or ‘Google Business Center’. Since people are finding information about your business in this way, it makes sense to take control of those listings, and to expand or improve them.

Here’s a link to the Local Business Center.

The first thing to do is make sure the information is factually correct and up to date. However, you can provide additional incentives for people to both look at your listing, and then follow that up by looking at your website or visiting your physical shop.

These extra incentives might include photos of your business or a relevant topic, your business hours, and coupons or money off vouchers.

Google have put together a video that shows you the sign up process, and the benefits of the local business center.

Check it out and then start editing (or creating) your listing!

Let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

  • http://www.butecrafts.webeden.co.uk Alison Cross

    I *WILL* follow this tutorial once I’ve got time to fiddle around with my clients’ maps ;-)

    It is really useful, thank you.

    A X

  • http://www.stayattherock.com Chris Lathan

    Anyone know how to adda symbol against the business, WE are a B&b and some B&B’s have a bed symbol against them how do you put a bed symbol in please?

  • admin

    Good luck Alison!

  • admin

    Hi Chris,

    Have a look at the Google Lat Long blog: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2007/09/custom-icons-for-your-maps.html

    Its quite good instruction on how to acheive customised map symbols.


  • http://www.qibreezacupuncture.co.uk Jenny Craig

    Google maps have listed my business (before I was using Webeden) but the information, including the website address, is all wrong. I have tried to edit it but the changes I made in March 2009 have still not been updated. I can’t find any way to contact Google about this and don’t know what to do next. Can you advise please?

  • admin

    Hi Jenny,

    The changes should happen soon, if not straight away.

    Can I just check the process that you followed? Did you go to the Local Business Center, then sign in with a Google account?

    Did you then click ‘add new business’ and then fill in your details?

    If you got that far, did they give you the option to ‘claim listing’ for the listing that was already there?

    And then, were you allowed to edit it?

    If so, once you’d saved it, did they ask you if they could verify the data? Did you choose phone or post card?

    Sorry, so many questions, but am trying to work out where the process broke down!!


  • http://www.westernridinguk.co.uk Jacqui

    Excellent – easy to follow instructions and will be interesting to see the tracking of interested people

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    Re the coupons thing. I was all set to use a coupon for my client’s hypnotherapy business (http://www.themindseye.co.uk) and near the end it announced that the coupon could only be redeemed in the US?

    A coupon would be a great way to set her above the hundreds of other hypnotherapists in Glasgow and I’d like to set one up for her, but I’ve obviously missed something or hit the wrong box somewhere – but can’t find the error?


  • admin

    You know what – you’re right. You can add a coupon, and then they give you the impression that one has been added, but I’ve just checked all the listings we’ve done and its only live for US based businesses…

    How frustrating.

    The US also get a great new dashboard too:

    My only suggestion is to add details about the coupon in the main details of the listing. And to enhance it with some user reviews?