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Advertising on Twitter is only a matter of time


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We’ve long speculated on this blog about how Twitter will eventually make money from the service. There’s been lots of speculation around charging businesses to use Twitter, and other ways of making money. With plenty of cash in the bank, Twitter has been in no hurry to get the cash tills rolling.

Now that more than 50 million Tweets happening every day, it seems like there are plans afoot to introduce text based ads in the search results on Twitter.

Over at the AllThingsD blog on the Wall Street Journal, they are speculating that the advertising platform will go live in the first half of this year.

Like Google AdWords

Apparently the adverts will be not dissimilar to Google AdWords search based ads. They will use the 140-character format, and Twitter will revenue share with the platforms that take up the service.

The blog says that “Twitter will work with ad agencies and buyers to seed the program, but plans on moving to a self-serve model like Google’s, down the road.

Its got to be paid for some how

From our point of view, it will be a shame that such a pure and uncluttered tool will be diluted with commercial messages. And it’s not exactly clear how the advertising formats will fit in with the thousand of PC and mobile clients that most people use to interact with the service.

On the other hand we’ve long argued that relevant advertising can enhance your web experience rather than detract from it. And if anyone can target people with what they’re discussing right now, it has to be Twitter.

And at the end of the day, if we all want the service to remain free then we’re going to have to accept some kind of commercialisation of our eyeballs. It’s the same principle as the free WebEden websites – we need to cover the cost by placing adverts around them.

And as potential advertisers of course, us website owners could benefit hugely from using the Twitter platform to reach out and find new customers.

What do you think about Twitter’s plans to introduce search adverts? An inevitable drawback for users, or a great opportunity for advertisers? Leave us a comment below.