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Business Owners: What to say on Twitter

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Many business owners are jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. People feel like Twitter is something ‘they have to do’. There’s talk about the need to ’embrace your customers’ and to ‘have a conversation’ with them.

But what exactly does that mean? How can you just start talking to people, out of the blue, without a reason?

We’ve already provided a guide on how to sign up to Twitter. And elsewhere we’ve given you some ideas about how to get to grips with Twitter.

Here’s a more in depth list that business owners might want to try.

1. Tweet the headline to your latest blog post. When you add a new post to you blog, unless users are following it via RSS the chances are they won’t be aware of it. Its only when they remind themselves to check your website that they might happen along. Twitter is a great way to alert your follows to the exciting new article you’ve added to your blog.

2. Tweet when you update your prices and offers. Make sure followers are aware of price changes – especially sales – so they can take advantage of a deal. This is a way of rewarding them for following you.

3. Tweet when you’ve got problems. It might seem unusual to a traditional business, but it’s a good idea to let your followers know when you’re experiencing problems with your products or service. Rather than be put off, Twitterers will appreciate your openness.

4. Help people with customer support. Whilst Twitter shouldn’t be the primary or only support channel, it’s a good idea to help people who have a problem. To start with, they will appreciate you helping them in an open way. Secondly, it’s the opportunity to demonstrate your customer service skills to everyone watching the conversation. And lastly, others may be experiencing similar problems so you will be solving them too.

5. Ask questions. Twitter gives you a direct, open, instant, one to many channel to use for research. Find out what people like about your product and what they don’t. Ask them what they want to see more of. If you compile the responses into a poll you can then feed the results back to your Twitter community, sharing what everyone thinks.

6. Do you hold events, seminars, attend conferences or similar? Use Twitter to communicate your presence at these locations, and retweet news from other people attending the event.

7. Hold a competition. Twitter can be a great platform to run a competition on. Ask your followers to retweet news of the competition as an entry to the competition. You need to make the prize sufficiently juicy to incentivise entrees.

Don’t for get to use Twitter search to monitor mentions of your company. It might be that you can get involved, ask questions, and address concerns even though a question or comment hasn’t been directed specifically to you. Be aware though that this may be a bit intrusive – many Twitter users forget that the platform lets anyone see what they’re saying

That’s all I have for now. Do you have any other suggestions about good things to say on twitter? Leave us a comment below.

  • http://victoriaanndesign.net VictoriaAnn Design

    I must mention that webeden have been great via Twitter for helping me with any issues I’ve had!

  • admin

    Awwww Vicki you’re a very nice person!


  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    Ken – I think that it’s a good idea to tweet about when you’ve had a reply to a blog post – might make people revisit it to see what’s being said – esp if it’s disagreeing with the posting?

    Also, revisit blog posts that are still relevant – there’s maybe a whole new set of tweeters following you since you originally put it up?

    Ali x

  • admin

    Hi Alison,

    Now that is a very interesting point.

    I suppose I didn’t want to ‘pollute’ people’s Twitter stream with too many Tweets, but I suppose its worth revisiting the more popular instructional ones now again again?

    I’ll give that a try and let you know!