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Haven’t got the answer? Then ask the Crowd!

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The web has made possible a whole slew of new business practices that were previously too expensive. Where information distribution was a barrier to getting things done, the costs have come right down to almost zero.

One of the best known Internet business models is called ‘Freemium’. In the old economy, marketing a product goes a little like this: First, you manufacture your product. Then you give away a few samples to people like journalists so they can tell everyone how great it is. Then, on the back of those recommendations, you sell it to everyone else.

In the Freemium economy, you produce a product that you give away free to anyone who wants it, and then just a few will like it so much that they will think its worth paying for a ‘premium’ version.

You could say that WebEden.co.uk runs on the ‘freemium’ model. We have a free website builder package that anyone can use; those people who like it and who want a better version will buy a subscription.

The other new business practice that uses the free distribution made possible by the Internet is called ‘crowdsourcing’. This is when you throw a question or task open to an anonymous ‘crowd’ and wait for the answer to come in. This can often be in the form of a quiz.

Here are a few companies trying it out:

Google Image labeler: A game where users are invited to name a picture so that Google can label and place it in the Google image search index.

Recaptcha.net: Asks users to work out what unrecognised words are in scanned pages from books.

Zeros2heroes.com: invites users to submit ideas that it can develop into comic strips.

mturk.com: Pays users to complete repetitive tasks, such as searching for products on a shopping site.

Namethis.com: Invites users to enter competitions to name products.

Innocentive.com: Pays users (up to $1m!) to find answers or solutions to difficult business problems that are sent in by the businesses themselves.

There are a few ways that you can use the ‘wisdom of crowds’ on your WebEden site. The most obvious is to add a poll to your website, and use it to collect meaningful information that might help you improve what you do. Another might be add a forum to your website, and take on board any issues raised by your users,

Have you tried crowdsourcing yet? Leave us a comment below.

  • http://www.portbannatynemarina.co.uk Alison Cross

    Ken – I’m so busy twittering I haven’t got time to play GAMES too!

    Although I fancy that business ideas one. I might make my millions there……

    This freemium economy, yes, I’ve come in to contact with that and providing your product is something good, people WILL pay for it. Unless, of course, we’re talking about MPs….

    I think that it demonstrates the beginnings of a sea-change in how we approach life in general – what with bankers being shown up as short-term risk takers who just pocket the cash regardless of what happens….MPs being shown as, well, decorum prevents me from writing what THEY’RE like…maybe that Age of Aquarius shift is starting at long last……


  • admin

    Oh it all comes back to star signs does it? For the inside line I think I’m going to have to sign up at pagamoontarot.com…


  • http://www.portbannatynemarina.co.uk Alison Cross

    Ken – card for you today is 3 Swords.

    Swords are to do with communication, logic, clear thinking etc. BUT also to do with grief and loss – usually the kind that comes with failures in communication and misunderstandings…

    ….and the 3S is very much associated with those latter points – breakdowns in communications and the ensuing grief/bother that they can cause.

    So, the message from 3S for you today is to be careful around the ‘send’ button and double check your language to avoid being misinterpreted; if you think someone is ‘getting’ at you, pick up the phone to clearly establish what they mean – you’ll probably find that there is a misunderstanding….likewise, if you’re a bit fuzzy on the details for something, find out exactly what the other person is looking for from you – it will save time and trouble :-)


    AX http://www.paganmoontarot.com

  • admin

    Wow! Thanks for that Alison!

    “…failures in communication and misunderstandings…”

    Are we talking about Twitter again?


  • http://www.portbannatynemarina.co.uk Alison Cross

    Actually we’ve now got 2 new members in TABI thanks to twitter….

    I might be nearly a convert :-)


  • admin

    Well that’s something to shout about – they might want a testimonial from you!