Webeden Blog Social Media Twitter is not going to allow third party advertising on their website

Twitter is not going to allow third party advertising on their website

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Twitter has just announced that they will not allow third party advertising platforms to place adverts on their service.

Keeping out Clutter

This is probably because they shortly plan to roll out their ‘Promoted Tweet Program’, which allows you to pay to promote your Tweets to more users. No doubt they do not wish to clutter the service with lots of competing adverts from alternative providers, which may put users off the service.

Twitter also plan to launch ‘commercial accounts‘ for businesses. Since they have yet to make any mone, there’s a lot resting on both of these programs.

Twitter is usually open to 3rd parties

Twitter have always been very open about third party services and websites accessing their service. They have an open API which allows programmers to access data and stream data live from Twitter. This is how it’s possible to place your Twitter feed on your WebEden website. It also makes possible all the third party client platforms such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic.

It has also made it possible for Twitter results to appear on both Google and Bing.

In a ponderous post on the official Twitter blog, founder Biz Stone defended his position by saying that he was looking to ‘ensure the long-term health and value of the user experience’ by ‘fostering user delight and satisfaction’


Promoted Tweets themselves will exist ‘primarily in search and then in the timeline’, but won’t bombard users. Twitter are keen that “Promoted Tweets are only shown when they make sense for users and enhance the user experience”.

Giving your Website a Personality

Twitter can be an important way for you to give your website some personality, and for you to maintain a relationship with your website visitors even when they’re not on your website. Promoted Tweets look like being a good opporunty to grab more potential visitors.

Once live we’ll be sure to be writing about Promoted Tweets – and showing you how to use it – here on the WebEden blog.

  • http://www.hestiaslarder.blogspot.com Ali Cross

    So – are they going to close Twitter to 3rd party applications that help with the handling of twitter (twitpic, twitcleaner etc)?

    Ali x

  • admin

    My understanding is that they’re going to block 3rd party platforms from inserting ads into the actual Tweet timeline.

    If a service takes you elsewhere – for example twitpic takes you to an image hosted on their website – that service will still be able to put ads around the content.

    It’ll be a shame to block any innovative 3rd parties – we shall have to see what the ‘official’ advertising platform is like…