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Twitter just ‘pointless babble’ says study

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A study published last week by market research firm Pear Analytics set out to discover the potential marketing angle for brands when it comes to Twitter. The main question was whether Twitter was merely a place to share comments and photos with friends, or if Twitter holds the potential of dialogue between brands and customers. Twitter themselves are keen to promote the service as a place to do business.

Over a two week period, the tweets were categorised into news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversational and pass-along value.

Over 40% of tweets fell into the category of ‘pointless babble’. A further 37% were found to be ‘conversational’.

Lagging behind these two, ‘pass-along value’ (re-tweets) made up 8.7% of the total.

The rest of the list comprised of Self-promotion tweets – tweets made by individuals or companies about products or services – at 5.85%. The bottom of the list was Spam and News, with 3% each.

Any surprises there for you?  The study said: “The results were interesting, and not in the order that we anticipated. For instance, we thought that both spam and self-promotion percentages would be much higher.

“What’s also interesting is that pass-along value ranks 3rd in usage, albeit a far distance from the number one or two usage categories.

“Also, we thought the news category would have more weight than dead last, since this seems to be contrary to Twitter’s new position of being the premier source of news and events.

“Self-promotion was also less than expected at 5.85% of all tweets. This may be enlightening to some folk, as there appears to be a flurry of companies and businesses joining Twitter to promote products and services.”

Apparently, 11:30am and Mondays are the times that Tweets are made that have the most  pass-along value. Spam is consistent all day, everyday,. And News is heavier at 2pm and on Tuesdays. When it comes to conversational tweets, these were high between 2pm and 4pm, and heaviest on Tuesdays.

So, Twitter is full of pointless babble – anyone surprised by that? Is anyone successfully using Twitter to communicate to members of your website? Leave something of conversational or pass-on value below…

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    Was going to do you a blog about this, but have it anyway!

    I’m sure that no-one is surprised that Twitter is full of ‘IDACOT’ posts (I drank a cup of tea), but they don’t necessarily affect your own ‘thing’ on the platform.

    Twitter does have the power to do good. For example @emmak67 an author and actress (and rather funny to follow) has raised over £1,300 for a breast cancer charity simply by using the power of twitter amongst her followers – she auctioned a ticket for a day of cricket at lords with herself AND set up a Just Giving page too.

    @eddieizzard has been tweeting madly about his endless round of marathons that he is running for Sports Relief. I think he’s run about 34 at the moment and his follwers are now kicking around the 1m mark.

    He regularly tweets the link to the Sports Relief donations page and it will be interesting to see in the inevitable documentary whether Twitter gets an honourable mention in his epic journey.

    If you find your own time-line being filled with IDACOTS, simply unfollow from the people who are deluging you with rubbish. It’s that simple!

    If you want to know what REAL rubbish is on twitter, check out the trending topics! I’d love to spend time examining the ‘type’ of people that the various trending topics attracts (mainly IDACOTS) but you need never look at the bloomin’ thing!