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Twitter lines up first business focused service


Social Media

Twitter has gone out of its way to teach businesses how to use its service.

As we never cease from underlining, Twitter can be a great way for website owners to have a dialogue with visitors to their website.

Making Money

It was back in September that we covered the news that Twitter was planning to launch paid-for services aimed at Businesses. Co-founder Biz Stone revealed in a magazine interview that there were a range of options currently under consideration. With $50m of new funding in the bank, there was however no need to sell anything any time soon.

Well it looks as though Twitter’s plans have firmed up a bit. This week they discussed a plan that would allows businesses to personalise accounts by letting different people within a business use an account by adding their own byline to tweets.

For example if @webeden wanted another user – for example @Biz – to tweet on our behalf, each tweet would include be by @Biz on behalf of @webeden.

Getting Personal

The whole idea is that Twitter becomes more personal, and users get to know the real people behind the businesses they’re dealing with.

The service has been called ‘contributors’ will be tested by a small group of businesses to start with.

Anamitra Banerji wrote on the Twitter blog: “The beta will be released to a limited subset of folks for some time so that we can get an idea of how the features work from a system perspective. After we kick the tyres a bit, we’ll do a full launch to all business users and ecosystem partners.”

Twitter has said that this is just the first of many business led services in development.

Getting Analytical

Biz Stone previously said that new ideas include an web analytics service so businesses could discover how users were interacting with their Twitter profile.

“You’ll be able to pay for an additional layer of access to learn more about your Twitter account to get some freed back to get some analytics to help you become a better twitter,” he said.

So a more personal Twitter for businesses. Good idea, bad idea? Does it bring businesses and website owners nearer to their customers? Leave us a comment below.