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4 essential tips to improve your email marketing campaigns

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Email marketing presents a great opportunity for small businesses to engage potential and previous customers. However, in order to truly be effective for your business, these marketing efforts need to be designed and implemented correctly. Here are our five tips to make your email marketing campaigns more effective for your business:

1- Focus on quality rather than quantity

Quality over quantity applies in two areas: email lists and marketing emails. If your email list consists of 200 high-quality addresses, this will be more fruitful than 2000 disinterested individuals. You want recipients to engage with the email and its content, and hopefully eventually become paying customers of your product or service. A few months ago we wrote about building email lists, but in order to ensure quality, incentivise sign-ups with a relevant, meaningful offer which relates directly to your business. This can mean sign-ups are slow, but remember, quality over quantity!

If you have a targeted email list of interested people, it’s also much easier to create relevant emails with customized content and information. This applies to the second point: quality over quantity in the actual emails you send out. If you send too many emails, even if they are relevant, this can be seen as spammy and annoying, leading to unhappy customers and high cancellation of subscriptions. Therefore, it is fruitful to spend longer time creating and designing very high-quality customised emails but sending them less frequently.

2- Segment your email list

Every email list has individuals with different levels of interest; there are those that open every email religiously and those that open an email only once a month. Segment your email list into different groups according to levels of engagement. This allows you to further customise your emails and focus your efforts where they are needed most. You can spend a lot less time on the group of recipients that open all your emails, they’re already very interested and engaged so these emails can be more straightforward. Spend more time on those who open emails less frequently. Really focus your efforts to write engaging subject lines and content. Furthermore, think about offering them free incentives to reengage them with your brand. The more customised your emails are to the segments you create, the more likely they are to be successful and have low unsubscribe rates.

Similarly, the actual content of the email should be customized in such a way that the user sees value in the communication. For example, if you collected email addresses at a trade show and send them marketing emails straight away, they might not see the value in this. After having gone through the effort of collecting these contacts, be sure to send them a welcome email first. This can include an introduction to your company and your most popular products or services, for example. The more you tailor the email to the event at which you interacted with these individuals, the better.

3- Track and analyse your reporting data

Tracking key metrics, like opening rate, click-throughs, and number of recipients that unsubscribed, is crucial in unerstanding the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. These type of figures can give you insights into which type of emails drive the most conversions, are shared socially, or cause users to unsubscribe. If you are unaware of these things, your email marketing is just guesswork and is likely ineffective. Keep detailed spreadsheets of your findings and track them over time, this will indicate what you need to improve or change and will help you make the most of your time spent on these communications.

 4- Automation still requires effort 

Email automation can be incredibly useful in scheduling and sending emails. However, users are often tricked into thinking automation means less monitoring and effort should be spent on optimizing the content of the emails – this is not the case! It is very important to invest the same amount of time and follow the above tips to ensure successful email marketing campaigns.

Remember that you only have a few seconds to convince readers to spend time on this email so test and change your email subject, content, discounts, and delivery times often to find what works best for your small business.

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