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How to build an email list


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Email is a very effective way of reaching and engaging your customers, it can increase your website’s return traffic and e-commerce revenues. Arguably the easiest way to build an email list is through a newsletter signup on your website; it’s a fantastic way to start as engaged visitors enter their email to stay up to date. Here are some of our tips to help foster signups on your website and offline to help build your email list:

1- Make signing up easy

The most important thing to keep in mind if you want people to provide their email address to you is that signup should be incredibly simple. Make the signup form easy to find, understand, and complete. If you are running a blog or have a page dedicated to original content, this is a good place to place a signup form. Provide multiple signup forms so you don’t miss anyone. A side bar is a good place for a singup form because it’s visible but doesn’t interfere with your page layout.

Don’t ask for all of their personal information, ask only for the bare minimum – their first name and email address. Signups aren’t necessarily customers yet, but you are one step closer to closing the deal when they enter their email address and first name. These two pieces of information allow you to customise messages with their name and send the email, which at this point, is all you need.

2- Offer an incentive

Give your website visitors a reason to sign up to your newsletter by offering something in return. You can offer exclusive discounts, content, or giveaways. Once you’ve decided what you’re offering, communicate it clearly. For example, include “Sign up  to our newsletter for 15% off your next purchase” next to sign up forms to motivate people to provide their email address.

3- Set the right expectation

If email marketing or newsletters are the basis of your online presence, communicate this. It can be something as simple as “Sign up to our weekly newsletter.” If you decide to talk about it in more detail make sure you still keep it to the point “Sign up to get our newsletters and get delicious recipes, health tips, and exercise videos,” for example.

4- Track which form is most effective

As mentioned in the first point, use multiple forms in different locations, such as below your header and beneath each blog post, for example. Then, track which form is most effective in capturing people’s attention and email. Us this information effectively by optimising your site around that. So if people seem to prefer the signup underneath the header, you can change the “Subscribe” button colour to make it stand out even more. And if no one is using the links underneath your blog post, move a signup form into the sidebar so it’s visible as people read your content.

5- Collect email addresses at offline events

If you attend trade shows or other offline events, make sure to take full advantage of this opportunity and provide a laptop or tablet for interested individuals to leave their email address. Again, don’t ask for more than their email address and name – you don’t want to scare anyone off. Then, import these emails into your list and send them a welcome email.


These five tips can help you get started in building or expanding your email list. From here, you can send updates, promotions, and content directly into your customers’ inboxes to increase traffic, reputation, and sales.