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Six reasons email marketing is still a great choice for small businesses


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In today’s digital age, marketers often focus on social media, search advertising, or whatever the next big thing is. While these are great methods for reaching potential and current customers, and it’s good to stay updated on new developments, email is still a very effective marketing method and here’s why:

1- Easily keep your customers informed

Email is a great way keep your customers updated about your business and industry. According to a Nielsen survey, 28% of online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails simply to stay informed. Whether you are moving locations, adding a new product/service range, or promoting your New Year’s sale, email is a great format for this.

If you create content for your customers, a newsletter is also a great way to summarise and showcase the content you have created on a monthly or bimonthly basis. Besides adding value to your customers, regular communications convey trustworthiness and keep your business on consumers’ minds. Furthermore, it can also show you are proactive with your customer service by anticipating potential questions or problems your customers might face.

2- Personalisation

Unlike social media or search advertising, email marketing allows you to create content that is customised to individual recipients even with a database that consists of several hundred people or more.

Furthermore, you can create lists segmented based on purchasing behaviour or other interests to help you further target the content of the emails. For example, it can be extremely useful to send emails that discuss a specific item and its uses to those customers who have purchased something similar within the last two months.

The more targeted and customised the messages are, the more likely it is that recipients will open the emails, and respond positively to your brand in the form of sharing and purchasing.

3- Campaign compatibility

Another great thing about email is that it can enhance any marketing campaign you are already running. Whether you have a Facebook competition or are promoting a semi-annual sale, email is a blank canvas that complements other marketing efforts. Individual emails can be designed to match the look and feel of your website and promotions, helping to facilitate a strong brand image.

Furthermore, people love discounts; 27% of online shoppers subscribe to store or product emails to save money. Therefore, emails are great for promoting sales and current voucher codes to incentivise purchasing and keep subscribers happy.

4- It’s easy to track

There are many different website analytics tools available to small businesses, and generally, all of them will easily track relevant metrics for marketing email. Such traffic software will indicate how many recipients opened the email, different links within the email were clicked, and how many readers opted to unsubscribe from future emails, for example. Furthermore, depending on what functionality you have chosen to include in your emails, you’ll be able to see how many people shared your content on social media.

There are many tracking tools available to choose from; whichever one you decide on, or are currently using, should have the ability track the metrics that are most important to your business and its success.

5- It’s mobile friendly

It is becoming more and more common for people to check their emails frequently on the go using smartphone devices. The number of emails opened on mobile devices has steadily increased over the last few years and will continue to do so.This makes email a fantastic way to reach potential customers wherever they are.

6- It’s affordable

If email marketing scares you because you’re not the most technical person, don’t worry, there are many easy-to-use programmes or agencies that will make creating and managing your email campaigns incredibly easy. Whether you do it yourself, use an email marketing tool, or outsource this job to an agency, this form of marketing is generally very cost efficient. Furthermore, compared to television, or even radio or magazine advertising, email marketing is a lot more affordable for SMEs!


Even though email marketing has been around for quite some time doesn’t mean it is ineffective or outdated. There a lot of benefits to using this direct and private form of advertising for your small business.

Whatever marketing channels you decide to use, make sure they are compatible with your business, and most importantly, your customers!