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How to create a great FAQ page on your website

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Frequently asked question (FAQ) pages are becoming increasingly common online. They can be incredibly useful at informing customers and converting visitors. However, in order to add value to your website they must be created effectively and used appropriately. Here are some tips to hep you create a great FAQ page for your small business website:

First of all, let’s talk about when FAQ pages are appropriate and useful. FAQ pages are a great way for small businesses to provide easy yet effective online customer support. It’s a page (or section of a page) that is devoted to addressing common customer queries relating to your product/service, delivery, pricing, and other business or website topics.

1- Simple organisation and navigation is key

For an FAQ page to useful to your website visitors, it must be easy to navigate. Users will need to quickly find the frequently asked question that they need answered otherwise the page loses its purpose and customers will likely default to emailing or calling you directly.

Superdrug FAQ page

Superdrug’s website makes navigation simple by grouping questions into seven seperate categories to help users find the answers they need.

2- Simplicity is important

After making organisation and navigation easy to follow the wording of the questions and answers is the next factor determining whether FAQ pages are an effective customer service tool. The phrasing of the questions should be short and simple to make it easy to identify the most relevant FAQ. The answers below the FAQ should also be simple and concise, answering the questions cleary without being unnecessarily wordy.

M&S FAQ page

M&S’ answers are concise and to the point. They even go one step further, suggesting related questions to help users find exactly the information they need.

3- Don’t use jargon

When listing FAQs and their answers be sure to use language your customers use and understand instead of using advanced industry jargon. FAQ pages are pointless if your customers aren’t able to understand the help you are providing.

An easy way to do this is to use actual questions customers ask exactly as they word them. Then when you draft the answers, have your friends and family read over them to make sure people who aren’t in the business understand your advice without needing clarification.

4- Include images or diagrams

If the question asks for practical advice such as ‘How do I change the batteries?’ or ‘How do you change the frequency on your radio?’ or something similar, it can be incredibly useful to include visual aids such as images, diagrams, or videos. It is a lot easier to understand answers if you can show visitors exactly what they need to do. Think about when visual aids would be useful and spend time creating these to be accurate, up-to-date, and easy to follow.

5- Don’t include every question you’ve ever been asked

For FAQ pages to be useful and easy to navigate you should only include questions that you are actually asked frequently. If you overload this page with questions that one or two customers have asked, users will find it difficult to sift through all the questions to find the information that they are looking for. Filter which questions are important to include to add value to your customer and update them regularly.

6- Provide contact details

If customers don’t find the information they need on your FAQ page, it should be easy to contact you directly, whether it be via telephone or email. Think about the whole experience from the customer’s point of view and optimise the experience accordingly.


When creating FAQ pages or sections keep in mind that the sole purpose of creating such a page is as a useful resource to your customers. If they’re done correctly they can also facilitate sales, but first and foremost they should help and inform your website visitors.

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