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How to create an effective contact page


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Contact pages are often perceived as being incredibly straight forward, and as a result, website owners tend to create this page last and put the lease amount of effort into it. However, if you think about it, as a small business, this is likely the last page potential customers look at before deciding to contact you or go with another business. Therefore, this page needs to be tremendously persuasive, reassuring them that you are a legitimate organisation to conduct business with and contact.

Before creating or improving your contact page, there are three key criteria your contact page should fulfill which you should be aware of:

1– Normally the contact page is the last page a site visitor will navigate to after having decided that your business fulfils their needs. You should therefore make it incredibly easy to get in touch with you and provide several different methods to do so. Interested customers should be able to contact you on their terms.

2– The contact page should reassure customers of your legitimacy and competency as a small business. It should therefore look professional and convey trustworthiness to reaffirm interested visitors to complete the final step and get in touch with you.

3– It’s important to keep in mind that your contact page is a part of your website. It should therefore look the same, be of the same high-quality, and convey your brand effectively. The contact page should convey the brand and be creatively in line with your overall online presence.

Keeping these three key criteria in mind, here is a list of all the possible contact page components which you can include on your website. When deciding which elements to include, you should keep your target audience in mind. Are they busy, on-the-go type professionals who prefer email communication or are they older people who enjoy the comfort of speaking directly to you? Be smart and selective in the contact methods your provide to your customers.

Email address: In this digital age, every business, no matter how small, should provide a business email address. This is an opportunity to convey a sense of professionalism so make sure you provide a business email address, not FootballFan100!@webmail.com.

-Telephone number: Providing a telephone number is especially important if you are a local business and are emphasising this in your marketing, promotions, and other pages on you website. You should provide a landline telephone number in this case, not just mobile – this will add credibility and trustworthiness to your business.

Bonus tip: You should set up a professional sounding voicemail for those instances where you are unable to answer to the telephone. This might sound obvious, but it is surprising how many small businesses still use the default electronic message.

-Physical address: A physical address reassures customers that you are not just and online façade but a business with a physical contact point. If you a rent a mailbox or use a virtual office, include the address of these instead.

-Google map: Including a Google map is a necessity if you have provided a physical address and your location is important to your clients. It will give interested visitors an idea of where your business is rooted at a quick glance.

Social media links: Most businesses have at least one social media account. Make customers aware of the social media platforms that are linked to your business.

-Contact form: A contact form gives interested customers the option of getting in touch with you directly from your contact page. This is appropriate for all business and provides a level of convince to your visitors which other forms of contact simply cannot match.

-Fax number: If your business requires the exchange of documents, including a fax number can be welcoming to older clients who are used to faxing.

Personal touch: Your personal touch can be whatever you like, but should be consistent with the rest of your website and brand in general. If you are proud of your shop front, you could include a picture of that, for example.


Creating your website is easier than ever with simple yet effective website builders, so make sure you spend the right amount of time making your website – including your contact page – as effective as possible.

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