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8 Free Apps to Help You Run Your Business

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Many mobile applications are designed to help organise and make your life easier, whether they are related to your personal life, athletic training, or business management. Too often, however, small businesses don’t take advantage of the opportunities apps provide to manage projects and day-to-day tasks. There are so many free apps out there designed to save you time and make your job as a small business owner or employee a lot easier; here are a few of our favourites:


Trello app logo

Project management: Trello

This app is a comprehensive project management tool –  perfect if you are working with employees in different locations or managing several projects at once. It allows you to simply manage and schedule business (and personal) projects. The easy-to-use interface displays projects along with their corresponding tasks or to-do lists, communications, and status updates so you always know the progress of a project.

-Devices: Android phone and table, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Windows 8

-Price: Free


MyBizTracker app logo

Managing your finances: MyBiz Tracker

This app can be a life saver when it comes to managing your business’s cashflow. It easily records income and expenses, as well as storing receipts with the click of a smartphone camera. MyBiz Tracker can also show you the current status of your account balance at any given moment, allowing you to make smart financial decisions. As a bonus, this app can also remind you of important upcoming dates like your Self Assessment tax return date.

Devices: iPhone

Price: Free


camScanner app logo

Document scanning: CamScanner

This savvy app turns your mobile phone into a portable scanner. All you have to do is photograph a document and it turns your picture into a pdf document that you can email from your phone. So you can continue to conduct business no matter where you are.

-Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 8

-Price: Free


Box app logo

File storing and sharing: Box

Box allows you to open, edit, and share files securely from anywhere using your smartphone. You can also create shared folders and control who has access to what. This allows you to keep running your business, communicating with staff and customers securely through cloud storage. CEO Aaron Levie summarises the app’s purpose “to make sharing, accessing and managing content ridiculously easy.”

-Devices: Android tablets and phones, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones, Blackberry

-Price: Free


twitter app logo

Social media: Twitter

The amount of customers who have contacted you over social media for both praise and complaints have likely increased in the past year. Keeping this app handy on your work phone or tablet will allow you to quickly respond to customer queries and monitor industry news.

-Devices: Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone and tablet, Nokia, Blackberry

-Price: Free


docusign app logo

Electronically sign documents: DocuSign Ink

Dousing Ink makes it possible to sign and submit documents online on the go. All you have to do is save your signature and this application enables you to electronically sign documents. You can also prepare and send documents for colleagues, sign in person, and get updates on the progress of your document to your mobile device.

-Devices: Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad, and Windows phone and tablet.

-Price: Free


Polaris Office app logo

File editing: Polaris Office

This app cleverly enables you to work on Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from your smartphone or tablet. The easy-to-use interface allows users to view, edit and share files on multiple devices so you can conduct business and keep working while you’re on the move.

-Devices: Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire

-Price: Free


Evernote app logo

Organisation: Evernote

This amazing app allows you to create to-do lists, take extensive notes, store articles, and images. It has great search functionality allowing you to focus and complete tasks quickly and efficiently. Another benefit is that it allows you to present your work beautifully even when it is in progress – this app is perfect if you have difficulties staying organised.

-Devices: Android phone and tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows phone and tablet

-Price: Free

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    Great list. Have you tried proofhub for your projects as well?

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    Creative commentary , I was fascinated by the specifics – Does someone
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