Webeden Blog News Google Ad Grants create amazing opportunities for not-for-profit organisations

Google Ad Grants create amazing opportunities for not-for-profit organisations



Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants is a program Google created to help facilitate online marketing for not-for-profit organisations (NFPs). This grant scheme gives qualifying NPFs up to £6,500 free monthly advertising spend for ads that appear on top of and to the right of ‘organic’ Google search results.


This grant programme has been around for several years, yet there are still some charities that have not taken advantage of this great opportunity. A Google Ad Grant could allocate an NFP up to about £6,500 in monthly ad spend, or £213 per day. This funding can be utilised to run keyword-targeted text ad campaigns that show on Google search results pages. Thereby, if someone searches for “volunteer opportunities” or a phrase that relates to a specific charity, ads which talk about this organization and link to its website could appear on top of, and alongside, the regular search results (see insert below).Ads in Google Search Results

To qualify, an organisation must meet the current valid charity status as defined by its country. Therefore, in the United Kingdom, a charity must be registered and established only for charitable purposes, subject to the high court charity law jurisdiction.


The Google AdWords advertising platform can be surprisingly versatile, and depending on the targeting, keyword choices, and ad text, can be customised to achieve most any advertising goal. So whether your charity is looking to raise awareness of its cause, recruit new volunteers, raise funds, or all three, Google AdWords campaigns can be created and customised to achieve these goals.

AdWords Express

If a full AdWords campaign seems too technical and too much of a time commitment, organisations can use the money to run an AdWords Express account instead. AdWords Express enables easy campaign setup and management by allowing users to categorise their business, and based on the category chosen, the system automatically selects the appropriate keywords. This means you don’t have to write and manage hundreds of individual keyword phrases; AdWords Express does it for you. This platform is especially appropriate for locally targeted charities, as the ads will run within a 5 to 30 mile radius from the NFPs’ business address.


A well-run AdWords search campaign can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website, bringing in donations, volunteers, and spreading awareness. Michael Hubbord, Vice President of Marketing and Finance at Travel to Impact says, “We use Google Ad Grants to reach new markets where we do not have a physical presence. AdWords provides us the clicks and impressions that we need to see and has led to 1,200 new online student registrations.” With that much money, the opportunities really are endless.

If you are interested in applying for Google Ad Grants, click here for more information or here for a pdf document of the detailed guide for NFPs.