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How Social Media Can Improve Your Website



Building a website is a fun and exciting process; but what do we do once our website is up and running? Usually there is a period where we are able to sit back and relax and allow our efforts to begin to fruit. But this period of relaxation does not last too long; sooner or later we will need to update our website and make any necessary changes, and most importantly; we need to direct traffic to our website. Traffic can be directed to our website in a number of ways including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and advertising. One of the best ways to attract traffic to your website and to reach a lot of people is through social media, and this is how you do it:


Create a Social Media Page

Log onto the popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and create a business page for your website. Be sure to include images such as your logo and images from your website, and add information and description detailing what you do or what you have to offer. Once your social media page has been created; be sure to send invites to all of your friends and contacts so that they can see and ‘like’ the page in order to keep up to date with your happenings.

Share Your Page

It sometimes is not enough to simply share our business page with contacts and friends we already have; sometimes we will need to share our page with a wider audience in order to reach people who will want to support our business. Something that you can do is to share your business page in groups and on other pages where you know you will be able to reach your target market. For example, if you sell health products, it will be to your advantage to share your business page in a group that relates to health and healthy living.


One of the major advantages of social media platforms is the fact that you can post daily updates. Daily updates are great because they act as reminders of your business or service so that people will always have you in mind. You can post frequent updates relating to products you sell, services you offer, any promotions or specials you are offering and even any competitions you may throw. These updates can also simply be entertaining or thoughtful images that relate to what you do.

We hope that you enjoyed reading these tips and we hope that you will enjoy the wonderful advantage that social media marketing can bring for your website.