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How to create an effective About Us page

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The About Us page on your website is one of the most visited pages, especially for small businesses. Potential customers will take cues from this page to judge your company. It is important that every page on your website is compelling and facilitates the selling of your products and services, and your About Us page is no different! There are several elements which can really make your About Us page work for your business, keep reading for our top tips.

Business vision and philosophy

Your About Us page is the perfect place to communicate what makes your business unique and interesting. The page should address your company’s vision and philosophy and give viewers an understanding of your organisation’s voice.

This should be communicated effectively by being concise and to the point – grab visitors’ attention and convey the message but don’t fluff it up.

Apply Yard Flowers About Us Page


While Appleyard Flowers‘ About Us page could be more concise, their Our Philosophy section gives valuable insights into their organisation.

Employee profiles

Most internet users expect the About Us page of a small business’s website to give an overview of the employees. This is a fantastic opportunity to convey trustworthiness. Therefore, this section should include professional looking headshots or a group photograph, names, roles, and certifications of your employees.

Besides gaining visitors’ trust, this is also a chance to show the human side behind your organisation. It is common to get caught up in sounding formal and professional, but if your organisation is quirky and creative you can showcase this in your employee profiles. This can make your company seem approachable and interesting.

Apply Yard Flowers About Us Page

Kimmy Love Cakes has a quirky About Us page which entices potential customers to find out more. It’s unique and memorable.

Company timeline

If your company has a long heritage or interesting history, this is the perfect place to showcase this. Whether it details landmark achievements or lists awards and growth, this is a place for you to again convey the story and personality behind your business.

Crombie Heritage

While the heritage is probably quite unique, Crombie’s timeline is done very well, including a variety of interesting pictures and company achievements.


Your About Us page is a great opportunity to sell your company to your clients. It is therefore important to keep this page looking up-to-date. And don’t forget potential customers aren’t the only ones checking out your About Us page; it’s frequently visited by job seekers, potential partners, donors, and competitors so it’s an important page to get right, good luck!

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