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When creating your own website there are a number of questions that will start nagging at you. Have I done enough?? What will make me stand out and make people want to see this? The purpose of this blog is to addresses what creates a successful web page, be it personal or for business.

What are the absolute essentials for a web page?

Home Front

This does, of course, depend on what type of format you are using to what purpose. For this purpose, we are going to discuss multiple page website formats. Generally, the very first, and possibly most essential, page your potential and existing clients will see is the Home page. The home page is the ultimate of first impressions, this is your first opportunity to share the image, opinions and “feel” of your website (and in turn for your brand). The most popular elements include an “about us” portion; this is a chance to define the “who, what, why and how are you different?” and it shouldn’t have to be said, but avoid clichés!

Products and Services

If you are offering a service or product, having a page dedicated to each individual product is often the best route. For readability purposes, no one enjoys a crammed page, although you should refer to the products and how they meet the customers’ needs on the home page. People are viewing these products wanting to know as much as possible before purchase, so give a detailed description of your product, not only of materials used but the story behind the product could add to the unique quality of your product. Your product/brand recognition could be further enhanced with a portfolio or gallery of your products, events, staff et cetera.


It is also advised to have testimonials and/or interactive rating systems, so clients can see that you are reliable and that they are getting quality services and products. Testimonials, contact forms and information, privacy policies, terms and conditions et cetera. simply add to how much your clients trust you and view you as a legitimate and honest brand.


Additionally, a Blog with original and professional content can help to show that you understand your client and are engaging with them and their interests; this further improves the relationship between you and your market which results in overall brand loyalty. Consider your options here; outsourcing has become particularly useful here, especially for smaller companies with fewer resources and there are many companies who can aid in this process.


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