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Version 6 Software Updates: Comments on Blogs and Form Styling.

Softwate Update


Hello fellow website builders. Just a quick post to say that we have updated Version 6 of our software and are slowing bring back features missing form Version 6 of our software. The Latest update includes;

  1. Comments on Blogs
  2. Styling of Labels for forms
  3. Ability to change the email address to which forms are linked to.
  4. Ability to have multiple forms on a single site that are linked to their own unique email address
  5. Ability to download Form data as a CSV file.

Please take a look at these new features and comment below if you have any questions.

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Version 6 welcomes the return of the Blogging Tool

Softwate Update


Hello fellow website builders. Many of you have been waiting for features of the Version 5 to be reintroduced to Version 6. Well we are proud to announce that the blogging tool has now been reintroduced. However for the moment your viewers cannot comment on your posts, this feature will be added at a later date.

As always keep your eyes open for more updates right here on our blog.

Till next time,

Happy Blogging!

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Software Update: Contact Form (Beta)

Softwate Update

Hi Guys,

Just a quick post to say that we have now added Contact forms to our software. It is in it’s beta stage at the moment and you can’t edit the prefixed fields. However you can adjust the size and where the contact form will send the data to, ie. what email address.


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Webeden HTML5 Update

Softwate Update

We know you are all very keen on seeing Webeden upgrade it’s software to support HTML5, and I can assure you we are trying our hardest to get a reliable system to you as soon as possible. We do realise that we are massively behind schedule, however with every new iteration of our software throws up new issues that need to be addressed before making it avalible. Continue reading

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5 New Templates

Softwate Update

So we unleashing another barrage of 5 new templates for you, our awesome webeden users. These are available now in the build section of our site.

We know this is only 5 new templates and you are all used to seeing us publish a lot more in one go, we promise there a quite a lot more on the way (we are just tweaking them).

Our Next Release!

As you may know the next BIG project is being delivered in Q3 this year which will see the implementation of a full HTML5 website instead of the standard Flash sites we currently publish.

But whilst that is still in production we do not want you to wait for a new release so next on the horizon is the Mobile Editor which will allow Mobile Only Styling (colours), also allow you to include or exclude content on the mobile version and enable reordering of the content. “When is it coming” I hear you ask….. well end of March is our aim (if testing goes well).

Well that is it for another monumental blog post, see you again soon.


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Shop Builder Update

Archive Softwate Update

Well our developers have yet again come up with an update for all you lovely Webeden users. Here is a run down of the latest updates.


Adding variants is very easy indeed, you just need to update your shop widget first. You will need to click on SHOP on your toolbar, then click on the shop itself so the EDITOR box appears (like below) and click UPDATE then UPDATE WIDGET. You will need to do this for every part of your shop which you can do by using the drop down box above. Once that is done you go to your Product List on the Shop section and Edit that particular product. Then you will see a section called Product Options which will allow you to add variables to a maximum of 50.

Well this will give you far more flexibility with what you will offer to your customers. This is great if you offer a iPhone case in multiple colours, you can now add multiples to it as opposed to creating multiple products.

The great thing is that all these new features will replicate on a mobile and onto your Facebook shop :-)

So how about a cheeky Bonus!

So of our more eagle eyed users will have spotted this feature already but we have added a Duplicate Product section to the Shop Builder. This gives you the ability to easily duplicate a product in your editor so you do not have to manually create a similar product.

There will be more…..

The next big update will be the Mobile Editor, yes that’s right we will be dishing out a nice little editor for your Mobile Version. In Q3 this year we will be releasing all sites in HTML5 \m/ \m/ but in the meantime we will release a handy little editor just for the mobile version of your site. You will be able to include/exclude certain content and amend colours independent from your Desktop site. There are some more features coming very soon but will let you know about them very soon (as they deserve their own post).

Lastly, what we have fixed!

We fixed a number of bugs in this release, many of which were minor. The headline bug fixes were:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools verification code is again being added to the HTML
  2. You can now scroll again in edit mode across all supported browsers
  3. Facebook Shop image popup gallery is now working correctly again


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Webeden sites in HTML5 (coming in 2012)

Softwate Update

Well here we are Webbies our first post of 2012. Sorry we have been so quiet this year but our Development team are hard at work creating some great new features.

As you may know HTML5 is becoming a more prominent feature in Web Development as of late and we here at Webeden always like to move with the times.  With Apple making it very public that it does not and will not support flash on it’s iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod)  we felt the need to act, and act we have.

Already we have put in place HTML mobile version of all our sites, so any users that visit our sites using a device that does not support flash will be directed to the correct version. We feel we need to go even further with this, so have locked away the Development team until they have completed the task in hand.

We have decided to make your ENTIRE site into HTML5, this means that you will have the ability to show the user the Flash version of your site or the HTML5 version. The Development team are working on making the HTML5 version as similar as possible to the Flash version.

Click on the example below to see the differences:

What does this mean for Flash and Webeden?

We still see Flash as a huge part of Web Development and the Web as a whole and will keep the Editor itself in Flash as we feel it still provides the best drag and drop features of any other language.

So just to round up in Q3  (july-sep) 2012, Webeden users will have the option of publishing their site in Flash or HTML5 by default. Any new sites made after this launch will auto publish in HTML5.

The reason for all this is that HTML5 is the future and we here at Webeden love the future and look forward to it and sharing it with you.

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