Webeden Blog Softwate Update 5 New Templates

5 New Templates

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Softwate Update

So we unleashing another barrage of 5 new templates for you, our awesome webeden users. These are available now in the build section of our site.

We know this is only 5 new templates and you are all used to seeing us publish a lot more in one go, we promise there a quite a lot more on the way (we are just tweaking them).

Our Next Release!

As you may know the next BIG project is being delivered in Q3 this year which will see the implementation of a full HTML5 website instead of the standard Flash sites we currently publish.

But whilst that is still in production we do not want you to wait for a new release so next on the horizon is the Mobile Editor which will allow Mobile Only Styling (colours), also allow you to include or exclude content on the mobile version and enable reordering of the content. “When is it coming” I hear you ask….. well end of March is our aim (if testing goes well).

Well that is it for another monumental blog post, see you again soon.


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