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Boxing day breaks online shopping records


Softwate Update

Back in December we talked about whether Christmas was a good time or a bad time for selling online. It all comes down to the type of products you offer. For consumer facing websites selling clothes, gadgets and gifts its boom time. For everyone else it’s a real slowdown.

For WebEden we charted the reducing number of visitors throughout the month.

Back on the 6th of December it was supposed to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. So called ‘Cyber Monday’ was late enough to ensure that everyone was in present buying mood, but early enough to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

Online monitoring firm Hitwise UK revealed that this year Cyber Monday was been eclipsed by online shopping on Boxing day.

The next busiest shopping day was actually 27th December, which beat Cyber Monday into third spot.

Hitwise also showed that Christmas Eve and even Christmas day were busy shopping days too, up by 36% over the previous year. So plenty of people were choosing bargains while the rest of us were guzzling turkey.

The main beneficiaries of this shopping frenzy were high street retailers who sell online, including Tesco, Debenhams, Next and Currys. Those online retailers without an offline presence actually had reduced traffic.

According to Robin Goad at Hitwise UK it’s all about whether or not the websites were heavily promoting a sale. Apparently UK sales related searches were up by 25% in Christmas week.

As for WebEden this year our traffic figure dropped to right down on Christmas day, but made a solid recovery the next. Here’s a traffic graph for the whole Christmas period.

Was your website busy for Christmas week, or did visitors fall away like WebEden’s? Are you having any luck promoting a sale? Leave us a comment below.