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Bye Bye Old Control Panel


Softwate Update

At the back end of September 2009 we released a brand new control panel for you to build and edit your website.

It allowed more rapid access to certain features, with some new functionality too.

At the time we said that we would at some point stop support the old toolbar and phase it out. That point has been reached! When the next major release goes out (the new blog), the old toolbar will be retired.

Of course 90% of you are on the new control panel in any case, but for those who have stuck with the old one you will be automatically migrated to the new.

If you want to manually upgrade then you can do so by going to:


and then

New Toolbar

This is what it looks like:

Here’s what we think the new control panel is good for:

*Use the full screen browser for editing – you can move edit tools outside the boundary of your site
* Zoom in/out while editing – you make your site bigger/smaller to help ’see’ it in full glory
* Sticky edit tools – the Toolbar remains at the top and the Editor will remain on screen as you scroll up and down
* Show off-screen objects – if you drag something off your site (outside the boundary), you can choose to hide or display off screen objects (new under ‘view’)
* Detailed insert menu – more objects can be added in one click, including some new HTML snippets (’Insert’ menu)
* Quick pages menu – includes quick ways to add pages, copy pages and change page length, plus edit meta data (for search engines) more quickly (see ‘Pages’ menu)
* Links to other services – Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, AdSense can all be viewed without leaving your site (new ‘Services’ menu)

So if you haven’t already, upgrade now.

And bye bye old toolbar, we had some good times…