Webeden Blog Softwate Update Do you want to write on the WebEden Website Builder Blog?

Do you want to write on the WebEden Website Builder Blog?

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Softwate Update

Over the last few months an increasing number of you have been leaving comments, ideas and points as feedback on this blog. There’s lots of people who have lots to say, and your passion for building websites and all things Internet is plain to see.

So would any of you like to write a guest piece on this blog? If you’ve got something interesting, unique or relevant to say about building a website, search engines, social networking or any of the other topics we cover on here then please get in touch.

We can discuss your ideas, and if you’re happy to go ahead then its up to you.

Apart from the satisfaction of knowing that your opinion will be read by upwards of 10,000 people, you will also have the opportunity to talk about your own website and of course include a link back to your site.

My email adddress is ken@webeden.net. I look forward to hearing from you!

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk alison cross

    Me! Me! oooh pick me! *jumping up and down with hands waving*

    Ali x

  • http://www.rockingvicar.com Magnus Shaw

    I’d be very happy to do some guest blogging if you’ll have me. Just let me know if I can help.

  • admin

    Hi Magnus,

    Thanks for your offer. I just tried mailing you but got a bounce back. Please can you send me a mail about this? ken@webeden.net