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New Release: Mobile version, shapes & more

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Softwate Update

Well we thought we’d have this out last year, and then we tried to do it a couple of weeks ago. Now we’re finally live with a WebEden release to get really excited about.

The developers have been working flat out on this release since early last year – we let them out in the sun for half and hour in September but they’ve been locked back in their windowless room ever since. Because this is a big project. We’ve had to rewrite some of the central parts of the WebEden system in order to integrate the mobile HTML roadmap (released now), the new Blog (released shortly) and e-commerce features (after that, not long).

Mobile HTML version of your website

We’ve now created the technology that will simultaneously publish a full Flash version of your website (for desktops and laptops), a desktop HTML version (for those people who haven’t installed Flash), and a mobile HTML version optimised for the small screen.

Here’s a desktop version of a site:

And the same site on a mobile phone:

The mobile optimised version your website is rendered in a single column of HTML. This means that all your content appears as a long vertical column which is easy to read and allows the user to scroll down the page. The website navigation is by a roll out menu, which means that most of the screen is devoted to your content.

This is just the first version of the mobile HTML – we’re going to be improving and upgrading it over the next few months. If yours is a website where you think the mobile version isn’t placing your content in the right order, please let us know and we’ll add it to our test cases.

In future, we’ll be adding styling options for the mobile version that will allow you to customise it.

TAKE NOTE: If you’re looking at the HTML version on your mobile and find a page with no content on it, just press refresh and it will display the content correctly. The ’empty page’ will only occur the first time a page is visited following the release. It will happen only once. It will not happen for all users.

New Shapes Widget

The exciting new shapes widgets lets you apply fills, gradients and effects to lots of different shape objects, usefully allowing you to customise the basic design of your website. Shapes is a project that’s going to be added in the next few months – we’ll be letting you apply these effects to text boxes, the blog, and images.

Option to turn off background to give a very cool design

There’ now a feature which lets you turn off the Flash background of the site. In its place you get the HTML background. Doing this makes it possible to do the full screen image / fluid web design style that is so in vogue right now, with big headers and footers.

That’s it for now.

As we keep banging on, we’re shortly going to be releasing the blog and e-commerce. We’re just sorry they can’t all come at the same time.

We really want to know what you think of the new release, and would love to see the new designs that you can come up with using shapes and backgrounds. Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

  • http://www.fractaldesign.eu Philip Evans

    Playing around with the changes – looks great!

  • daria

    Firstly, I’m delighted to hear that new release has finally happened, I’ve been waiting for it for months.

    Just one question in connection with HTML backgrounds. Does that mean we can create websites that will look like the dynamyc ones you see all over the web?

    Many Thanks

  • Ray

    @daria basically yes. It gives you the option to have a full width background and with no interference from the Flash elements.

  • Lee

    Dare I say it, full built in ecommerce?

  • http://Www.kathryncave.com Kathryn Cave

    Apologies if I’ve got this wrong but visitors to mobile version of my site using iPad or iPhone still can’t log in, download, contact me, or buy from their mobile device. So (to a total innocent like me) it doesn’t seem THAT mobile-friendly. is ecommerce going to be feasible? How do others address these issues? Help appreciated.

    Thanks for the useful advice on setting up web pages that are more mobile-friendly, by the way. I will gradually implement it.

  • Ray

    @kathryn – Gradually everything will be integrated into the mobile version but as the visual needed the most attention we decided to go with this first as soon as there are any updates to this section.

  • damian

    well, i am using a nokia 5800 smart phone with flash installed and i cannot view my page or any other webeden produced sites! Am i missing something?

  • http://profiles.google.com/yourmobisite1 your mobisite


    Nowadays getting tech for mobile site, is becoming a mandatory it is a new and a good way of marketing .

  • ApoelRadio

    how i can turn off the mobile version?i want to the ipads/mobiles to see the desktop version only

    • Anonymous


      Apologis for the late reply, I’m afraid mobile devices will be shown the mobile version this is not something that can be changed.

      Kind Regards,

      *Kevin Man *| Web Designer | Webworx24 | 020 7593 1833 | London SE1 7XW

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  • Eleanor Hearne

    Please help me! Can I edit the desktop HTML version of my site or alternatively make my mobile site appear on ipads? My site on an ipad looks awful and I dont know what to do.