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New Services Launched


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Sorry we have been a quiet on the Blog front for a little while but we have been hard at work finalising some of the biggest changes in Webeden’s history.

Soon (we hope in the next couple of weeks) we shall be launching our new Shop widget, this will be a HUGE update to the software and will make selling via your site much easier, but i shall leave this to another post once we have launched.

The new services are now located inside your toolbar, all you need to do is click on Services on the Toolbar and they are all located there.

As you can see the new services offered are all there to help you create a better looking or higher ranking site.

Webeden Images

If the images that are already supplied inside Webeden do not quite fit your Genre of site then why not take a look at some of the Thousands of images we now have on sale. Once you have purchased the image(s) simply upload to your site and away you go.


We have teamed up with an awesome SEO company called ClickSubmit. They will improve your rankings on all the major search engines and guarantee over 1000 Directory Listings which will also improve your ranking. As a Webeden customer you will receive 3 months FREE with no obligation to carry on after the 3 months, so it’s a no brainer.

Design Services

If you are having trouble with finishing off your website or just need a gentle nudge in the right direction then why not contact our Design Team who are happy to talk you through your design needs and requirements.