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Shop Builder Update

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Well our developers have yet again come up with an update for all you lovely Webeden users. Here is a run down of the latest updates.


Adding variants is very easy indeed, you just need to update your shop widget first. You will need to click on SHOP on your toolbar, then click on the shop itself so the EDITOR box appears (like below) and click UPDATE then UPDATE WIDGET. You will need to do this for every part of your shop which you can do by using the drop down box above. Once that is done you go to your Product List on the Shop section and Edit that particular product. Then you will see a section called Product Options which will allow you to add variables to a maximum of 50.

Well this will give you far more flexibility with what you will offer to your customers. This is great if you offer a iPhone case in multiple colours, you can now add multiples to it as opposed to creating multiple products.

The great thing is that all these new features will replicate on a mobile and onto your Facebook shop :-)

So how about a cheeky Bonus!

So of our more eagle eyed users will have spotted this feature already but we have added a Duplicate Product section to the Shop Builder. This gives you the ability to easily duplicate a product in your editor so you do not have to manually create a similar product.

There will be more…..

The next big update will be the Mobile Editor, yes that’s right we will be dishing out a nice little editor for your Mobile Version. In Q3 this year we will be releasing all sites in HTML5 \m/ \m/ but in the meantime we will release a handy little editor just for the mobile version of your site. You will be able to include/exclude certain content and amend colours independent from your Desktop site. There are some more features coming very soon but will let you know about them very soon (as they deserve their own post).

Lastly, what we have fixed!

We fixed a number of bugs in this release, many of which were minor. The headline bug fixes were:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools verification code is again being added to the HTML
  2. You can now scroll again in edit mode across all supported browsers
  3. Facebook Shop image popup gallery is now working correctly again


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