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Software Update: Image Gallery

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Softwate Update

Morning fellow Website Builders. Just a quick post to say that the tech guys here at Webeden have updated the image gallery widget. The update is for both Version 6 and those of you who are still sticking to Version 5.

Organising images

You can now organise your images by simply dragging and dropping.



Resizing images

The gallery can now be easily resized by simply selecting and dragging the handles. All images will be resized proportionally.


Adding columns

The floating editor is used to add extra columns. While adding columns the thumbnails will stay the same size but the gallery will resize accordingly. You can adjust the size by using the handles.


Deleting images

To delete an image you need to use the floating editor by selecting it and clicking the dustbin icon. You can also delete multiple images by shift-clicking them and then clicking the delete button on the main tool bar



That’s about it for now. There were also some minor bug fixes but this was the main feature of the update. The tech guys and gals are working around the clock to get the old features of Version 5 reintroduced to Version 6. We will of course keep you posted.



  • Sofia Moral

    Thanks It’s really helpful!!!

  • M People & Heather Small

    Is 4 the maximum column number or is this until another update?

    • webeden

      Hi, I’m afraid for the moment you can only have a maximum of 4 images across. You could add multiple galleries side by side. There are no plans at the moment to update this. Perhaps in the future.