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The WebEden May 2010 Newsletter


Softwate Update

The WebEden May 2010 Newsletter was sent out on Friday (I know, its technically June). In case you didn’t receive, here it all is!

Thanks to everyone who joined WebEden on Facebook – there’s well over 100 of us now! Join in, ask a question, and tell us about your website,

We’ve had some great websites submitted to our Website of the Week. Why not submit yours?

The best ones get featured on the blog. Be inspired by these!

Does your website address still include webeden.co.uk? Why not buy a domain name and get rid of the webeden.co.uk bit? Here’s a video tutorial on how to buy a domain name.

And how to point your domain name at your WebEden Website.

Every domain name includes 5 free email addresses, so you can be you@yourdomainname.co.uk.

And finally, have you ever wondered how many people click on the top result on Google?

If you’ve got any feedback, please leave a comment on the blog!

The WebEden.co.uk team
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