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The WebEden New Control Panel: Updates

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Softwate Update

A couple of months ago we revealed our brand new control panel.

You gave us lots of feedback about what you liked and what you didn’t. We took your advice, made some updates, and a few weeks later the control panel came out of Beta.

As with any other piece of software, it’s never quite finished. There’s always new stuff that we want to add, update or improve.

So we’ve listed to even more of your comments and we’ve made some further Tweaks.

Just to remind you, this is what the control panel looks like:

One thing that a lot of you asked for was the option to hide the Sidebar when you were editing your website. This means that you can use your whole screen to look at your website.

You can now do this – just click the ‘strip’ that runs all down the side of the Sidebar, on the outer edge. The other way is to click again on the selected icon in the Top bar. This is because icons now act like toggles for the Sidebar.

You can also increase the vertical height of the area that you’re editing by hiding the top icons.

Go to ‘Edit’ and then click on ‘Preferences’. Choose ‘Hide toolbar icons’.

Once you’ve got rid of the icons, this is what you’re left with.

That’s it. Thanks for your advice!

To give you fair warning, we’re going to be turning off the old toolbar on February the 1st – you won’t be able to use it after that. We’re doing this to make our code a lot simpler, and make it both easier and quicker to roll out new features.

Any more feedback about the new control panel? Please leave it below.

  • benjamin133

    When will the next updates to site maker be, also great work

  • admin

    Hi Ben,

    The next update won’t be until the new year, but if there any features you’d like us to add just let us know and we will look at whether or not its possible to do.


  • benjamin133

    I think a great idea would to be able to have sub-sub page so it could be like this
    Information>About>Contact Us
    Just an idea

  • admin

    Actually I think that’s a reall good idea – thanks for your feedback.

    I’ll make sure the developers discuss how to do this in the next product meeting!


  • benjamin133

    I think that downloads should be allowed on free webeden sites

  • admin

    Hi Ben,

    We’d love to make this feature available to free sites, but bandwidth is one area that really costs money. We’ve given as much away free as possible, although we do hope to add more in future.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.


  • http://www.nakmas.org.uk Joe Ellis


    It would be nice to change a word or several to different colours within a text box – sadly, Webeden still does not offer this, which does restrict design.

    Kind regards


  • admin

    You’re right Joe – if you want to change the colour of a word, you need to add it in a new text box with specific formatting.