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Version 6 Software Update

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Softwate Update

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Good afternoon fellow website builders. Today is the start of a new month and it also brings an awesome software update for all you Version 6 users out there. You can now edit the forms on our software.  You can now add:

  • Single line text fields
  • Paragraph text fields
  • Email entry fields
  • File upload options

Just double click within the form and get editing.

  • rhian

    Do you mean you can add a more complex form to version 6? by which i mean, can you add any number of fields, questions, and a check box etc, just like the forms in version 5? I need to know this before i migrate my new site from version 5 to 6, as it has 2 forms on it with about several fields for users to fill in, and a check box to prove they have read terms and conditions etc, thanks

  • webeden

    Yes this can be done. Just give it a go and let us know what you think.

  • Wayne

    When I get a web enquiry from version 6 forms, and I click reply in my email it sends it back to myself. In version 5 if I clicked reply it would send my message to the customer?

    • webeden

      Can you please raise this with the support team via the online form on our website so they can add it to a list of bugs that need to be resolved. Many thanks.