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Webeden Survey

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Softwate Update

We’d like to find out a bit more about who is using WebEden, your experiences, so we can learn how to make the system even better. We’ll share with you the interesting stuff we find out!

Please take a moment to complete the survey.


  • chris clack

    this survey difficult to answer if you have more then one site for differnt reasons

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  • Alantaylor61

    one of the best I find it so easy to use thank you all .

  • Awl

    Only ever used webeden. Found it so user friendly didn’t feel the need to try any other. Thanks to all the team for a great system.

  • http://www.designsbycherry.co.uk Robert

    Simple to use, found it better than having to upload from web authoring software. Very flexible tools and templates let you build a professional looking site at your own pace.
    Thank you.

  • Junobellydance

    Find webeden very easy to use, great help if required and freedom to have an independant design.

  • Bridget369

    I research local history and I wanted to share my information. My Webeden site is simple to use as I am not IT literate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=702989577 Wayne Yendle

    I set up a website in memory of my son. Ieuan the Lion Memorial Fund was established in 2009 in the memory of our son Ieaun who was born Newport South Wales,who sadly
    died at the young age of 13 years from an undiagnosed illness. We now run a registered children’s charity. We would like to say huge thank you to all the staff at Webeden for making the their software so easy to use, as it as save the charity money which we would charge by a professional website designer…

    • Magmark8

      What a lovely thing to do in memory of your son’s sad passing. Doing something positive from such an awful event in your life must be very rewarding, all the best to you and your charity.

  • http://www.colinswalestourism.co.uk Colin Gronow

    Having travelled to most parts of South Mid and West Wales during the course of my working life, I thought it would be a good idea to create a Wales tourism Guide and offer help and advice to visitors to Wales

  • Magmark8

    I live in a lovely area just north of Salisbury, UK and even though its a beautiful area all the people didn’t really get together or enjoy village life like it use to be, so I developed a website to bring people together, now we have events we run like garden parties, barn dances, bonfire party and Christmas Pagents and the website enables me to add photo’s so that friends,relatives and ex-residents who live far away can see their friends and family. It’s very easy to use and I love all the functions, all the other villages and Parishes in Wiltshire now want to know all about Webeden!! keep up the good work :0)

  • Iver-hedake

    Webeden Survey.
    What is the purpose of your WebEden website?
    If it is business – how much of your turnover is generated via the website?

    If I type other, then leave the next question blank, it comes up as a fault. So therefore I have to enter something that is not the truth. Or I can’t submit the survey!

  • Gaw

    Have reached my storage limit so took of some pictures but no change in the limit!