Webeden Blog Softwate Update What are the best features of the new control panel?

What are the best features of the new control panel?

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Softwate Update

The fanfare and commotion may have faded, but not the buzz. The new WebEden control panel has been live for nearly two weeks now, so we thought it was about time we shared our favourite features!

Image Resizing

This is a ‘behind the scenes’ change, but one which makes a big difference to everyone using our website builder. All images are now automatically resized when they are uploaded. This means that you can add a lot more images to your website without having to upgrade to the next package. And all your visitors get a website that loads much faster.

Customising Shortcuts

Here’s a nice one to kick off with! The new control panel has a series of shortcuts that you can choose to display. Add the right ones for your personal website building experience – and get rid of the ones you don’t use or need.

Link Editor

The new link editor lets you add much longer URLs to link to. You also get the option to open links in the same or a new window.

Colour Picker

This is the best one, and a must have for those who are into design! The colour picker allows you to copy any colour you find on the page, and use it on another element of your website. No more digging round trying to make things look exactly the same colour – the picker’ll do that for you.

Sidebar Scroll Function

This is a nice little development which makes it much easier to scroll to the feature you want to use when you’ve got lots of panels open. It really speeds up the website building experience.

Line Spacing

The new line spacing editor gives you complete control over blocks of text. You can now spread it out or keep it tight. So many people have asked for this feature, we’re glad to have finally delivered!

What’s your fave?

Let us know what you like best by leaving a comment below.

  • http://mpeople.webeden.co.uk Graham Lawrence

    Will all the previous uploaded images now be resized too?

  • admin

    Hi Graham,

    Currently, the image compression feature applies to any new image you add.

    We do have scripts ready to do this automatically for all pages on all sites but we are waiting a little while to make sure everything is working smoothly before we go and update everyone’s sites.

    So in short – previously uploaded images will be resized soon…


  • http://mpeople.webeden.co.uk Graham Lawrence

    Thanks Ken

    Also do you know how long to the new blog feature is released. I am thinking of refreshing link of my site and want to wait until I see what it will be like.


  • admin

    Graham, that is a very good question and I hope I get the answer right!

    It will be this year, but not inside the next 6 weeks. It really is almost ready, although its such a big update the testing takes some time.

    Please bear with us!


  • http://www.hestiaslarder.blogspot.com Ali Cross

    Fabulous! I’ve been having to resize all my images before I load them up, using a batch resizing program – and although it’s easy to use, it’s a bit of a faff remembering to use it, make new folders for the new images and all that…

    A colour picker will also help enormously – I use paintdotnet to fiddle around with the colours and backgrounds, this will be a godsend.

    BUT – any news on being able to transfer domain names as well as websites to a single account? I now have all my websites that I manage for clients in a single account with you, but all the domain names are pegged to the original accounts – which is a bit of a PITA. Clue – last word in that phrase is Ass :-)

    Ali x

  • http://www.build2serve.co.uk Daria taylor

    Hi Guys,

    Just read this blog post and think the features you have added to the new panel are fantastic, especially the picker, there has been so many times when I sat for hours trying to match colours, so it will definitely make my life much easier now I’m redesigning our website. Other features are fabulous too, I hope with time we will be able to create dynamic websites, and I’m really looking forward to the new blog feature.

    Well done guys, keep it up!

    Many Thanks,

  • Ray

    Hi Alison,

    Sorry i know that is a pain but we are just waiting for Gandi (our registrar) to allow this function.

    The second they do you will be the first to know.

  • http://www.nakmas.org.uk Joe Ellis

    Still no facility to change colour of text inside a text box, e.g, different words, different colours.



  • http://www.licensinglegal.co.uk Richard Williams

    Our website has a problem when viewed via Chrome or Firefox – a warning screen comes up about “detected a cache problem” before the page opens. Any ideas why this is? Also with mobiles, Ipads etc not running Java our site doesn’t work on lots of platforms. Is there anything we can do about this?

  • http://www.nickelbooks.co.uk andrea

    is this new control panel rolled out to everyone?
    My site seems to be slower at loading (for me when i’m logged on) and all my toolbar icons have gone (it just says “save” instead instead of the pretty picture as in your picture above)
    I don’t seem to have any of the new features you’re talking about in the news update, and i keep losing functionality (eg, i’m unable to change colour of text etc, or click on anythign – if i try to change the menu i’m using, it won’t go to it, just get a blank column)

  • http://www.nickelbooks.co.uk andrea

    actually, one thing i would like to see is a link facility on Title Text.
    if i need to add a link afterwards, (ie, please email or such like), then i have to change it to body text or put a shape behind it

  • http://www.turtle-rescue.webeden.co.uk Glen Baldry

    I have emailed and emailed regarding this website the domain has been active for 2 weeks but still pending to run on the website.please help

  • Ray

    @Joe. Sorry but i will make sure this suggestion is passed onto the Dev team to see if they can roll out an update on this function.

    @Richard Williams. What is the URL of the site that you are getting this error? Also with regards to mobiles, the reason is Flash is only available on the OS Android 2.2 which not many phones have at the moment. iPhone/iPad and most new Apple products will not run Flash simply because there is a battle between Apple and Adobe about the product so do not expect a fix for this is the near future. On the up side there is an update coming soon for WebEden which will give greater flexibility to the HTML version of the site to make it prettier on the eye for non Flash viewers.

    @andrea. Yeah everyone should have it. Please try installing the newest version of Flash Player and then restart your machine and try again and hopefully that should fix your issues. http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/
    Also you can place a shape over the top of the Title Text and then make it transparent so the user knows no difference. I will inform the Dev team that this feature has been asked for.

    @Glen. Could you email me on ray@webeden.org and i will chase up the status of your domain personally.

    Hope that helps everyone ;-)

  • http://www.hestiaslarder.blogspot.com Ali Cross

    Joe, you can work around this problem in the meantime by splitting your paragraph into two (at the point where you want the different coloured text to be inserted); create a different text box in the desired colour and insert it in the space between the two original text boxes :-)

    A bit of a faff, but works :-)

    Ali x

  • http://www.hestiaslarder.blogspot.com Ali Cross

    Andrea – I use an ‘image’ map function for this issue you’ve highlighted with the headings. For a start – it appears as BLUE, but you can drag the opacity bar down to zero in the Editor.

    Not only can you make it a link, but you can make the alt text identical to the Title text – especially useful if you have used a fancy text that won’t be crawled by the search engine spiders (the alt text will!)

    Ali x

  • Ray

    Sound advice from @alison!

    She never lets us down :-)

  • http://www.hestiaslarder.blogspot.com Ali Cross

    *whispers* Thanks for the nice comment – Your cheque’s in the post

    Ali x

  • http://www.2keepforeverpoems.com Helen Silverwood

    How do you use the colour picker?! Looks like a great feature but I havn’t managed to work out how to use it properly!