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Website Builder Tutorials: How to put Google AdSense on your Website

One of the primary reasons people build a website is to make money from it. And a popular way to make money from your website is to sell advertising on it.

You can choose to sell advertising space on your website to specific companies. Or you can let Google AdSense do the hardwork and sell it for you.

Google Adsense scans the text on your website and automatically serves relevant advertising around it. You get paid when someone clicks on those adverts.

Any WebEden customer can run ‘Ads by Google’ on their website, and make money from the the impressions and traffic that your website delivers.

Find out how to place Google Adsense ads on your website by watching the tutorial below.

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Google suggests the most unlikely things

You may have noticed that Google recently updated their toolbar. The update includes the latest version of ‘Google suggest’. Google have also upgraded this feature on their normal search box.

‘Google Suggest’ is when Google tries to anticipate what you’re searching for by giving you a range of options that may complete your search query. The options appear as you start to type your search, in a drop down.

The suggestions are based on popular ways in which the search that you’re typing is completed. Google can also look at your search history – stuff you’ve searched for before -in order to tailor the list of suggestions to you in particular.

Brilliant idea. Very useful. And if you spend a lot of time on search engines (and helping people get to the top of them) it’s interesting too.

But not in the way that you might imagine!

For the most part, Google comes up with a range of suggestions which are highly relevant. But if you type the verb ‘to be’ after your initial search, it can throw up some quite unexpected results!

For example, this is what it thinks about ‘the internet’.

Sparked from a story over on Mashable, we’ve been trying to come up with the funniest list of suggestions.

Here’s what Google suggests for advertising:

And Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Let us know about what Google suggests for your industry!

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