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Free email services with Webeden.co.uk

Back in September we had the exciting launch of our domain name registration service. As you probably know, all websites built using the webeden.co.uk system are automatically given a sub-domain of webeden.co.uk. Something like yourname.webeden.co.uk.

Before September, if you wanted to personalise your webeden.co.uk website with your own domain name, we sent you off to buy one from a domain name registrar. You then had to register your domain, and either point it or forward it to you webeden.co.uk website.

In September our domain name registration service launched, which meant that you could now register a domain name with Webeden.co.uk and automatically set it up with your webeden.co.uk website. In actual fact we gave your a free domain name with our Standard website builder packages, and upwards.

Since then, thousands of you have taken advantage of our domain name service. Which is great of course! But we’re wondering how many of you are getting the full benefit of what you get with your domain name? One of the great things about webeden.co.uk domain names is that they come with free email services for up to 5 people!

This means you can use the domain name you registered with Webeden.co.uk to send and receive email for free. So you can be you@yourdomain.co.uk rather than you@hotmail.com or you@yahoo.co.uk.

And what’s better, is that we enable you to do this for up to 5 people. So you can give away personalised email addresses to the other people involved with your website, or anyone else you choose. That might be colleagues or employees, friends, or family.

The best thing about using your free email service on your own domain is that it is entirely personalised and unique to you. You’re no longer one of the homogenous millions who are using the well known free email services, but you stand out from the crowd with your email address. By the way, its entirely free to use too!

And of course if you’re running a business, it makes it really easy for any customers or suppliers to remember your email address – its just you@yourdomain.co.uk, which of course is exactly the same domain name that you’re using for your website address.

If you’ve already registered your domain name elsewhere and want to take advantage of our free email service, you just need to transfer-in the domain to webeden.co.uk. Just go to our domain names page, type in your domain name and press ‘transfer’. You will also need to log into the control panel of the domain registrar where your domain is currently registered and change the IPSTAG to GANDI.

If you haven’t yet got a domain, then register a domain name now. Just click on the ‘domains’ tab and type in the domain name that you’d like to buy. You’ll then be able to use it as the web address of your webeden.co.uk website, and of course use it for the free email services.

The free email service can be set up and used via Webmail (where you access the email service through your webeden.co.uk control panel, similar to hotmail). This means you can send or receive your personal email from literally any computer connected to the Internet. In order to set up and access your webmail just go to webeden.co.uk, click on the domain name page, click ‘manage domains’ and you will see a list of your domains, along with a link to ‘set up and access your email’.

Or you can use a desktop client such as Outlook or Outlook express to send and receive email from your desktop. This is referred to as POP email. Here are all the details you need when setting up a new email account using your webeden domain name:

POP/IMAP Account
Server name : mail.gandi.net
Port : leave the default setting (110 for POP, 143 for IMAP, 995 for POP SSL, or 993 for IMAP SSL).
TLS or SSL : Yes
Username : your full e-mail address (including @yourdomain.tld)
Password : provide the password you had defined when creating your e-mail account

SMTP Account
Name server : mail.gandi.net
Port : 25, 465 (with SSL) or 587 (try one or the other)
TLS or SSL : yes
SMTP Authentication : yes, using the same settings as for the POP / IMAP account

For advanced users: each mailbox can have an unlimited number of names that go to the same mailbox, often called ‘aliases’. You can also set up email forwarding to another email address such as a hotmail or gmail account.

If all this makes sense to you, then start taking advantage of the free email service with your domain name. If you’d like any further help or advice, or just want to let us know how you’re using your free domain and free email services, then leave us a comment below.

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Domain Names that will break the bank!

There’s an interesting story over on Domain Name Wire today about a record breaking domain name sale which happened through the Sedo. Sedo is a secondary marketplace where you can buy or sell domain names. Its called ‘secondary’ because these are domain names that have already been registered, and their current owners are looking to sell them on at a profit.

Perhaps the best known sale of a domain on the secondary market was sex.com which generated $12m back in 2006. Prior to that, the heady days of the dotcom boom brought about the sale of business.com for a whopping $7.5m.

This time its the domain name Internet.eu, which went for $26,250, which makes it one of the top ten public .eu domain sales ever. There’s a perception that .eu domain names are worth a lot less than .com, .net or .org, and less too than country domains such as .uk. Still, considering the previous owner probably bought the domain for less than £50, that’s quite a big profit!

All this highlights the importance of choosing the right domain name. Its important to make sure you find something that’s easy to remember, but which is also relevant to you or your business. I’m bound to mention that you can get a free domain name with many of our website builder packages. This means that your WebEden website can appear as your domain name, rather than yourname.webeden.co.uk. Check out our domain name search to find one that’s relevant to you.

Of course if you’ve already got one, then its easy to transfer your domain name in. Just click on the transfer tab, enter your domain name and press transfer. You’ll need to change the IPSTAG to GANDI too.

Do you already own a great domain name? Why not make us envious and let us know what it is and how much you think its worth?

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