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Why snow can be good for Website Builders

I woke up this morning, looked out the window, and knew I wouldn’t be able to make it in to work. Unless you’re lucky enough to be way out West (Cornwall not California), the UK is getting more than a dusting of snow.

Its all very pretty and of course its exciting too: the kids just love it, and I’m already looking forward to thawing them out later on.

However, if you’re trying to get into to work, the weather can be a nightmare. Hundreds of thousands are struggling on foot and by car, and the trains… well the trains are behaving just like trains in the UK always do when faced with anything other than perfect conditions.

But whilst all this stuff is enjoyable / frustrating (delete as appropriate), one thing is true. When the weather is bad, website traffic goes up. When people can’t do what they normally do, they have to spend time doing other stuff. And these days more and more that means booting up their computer and getting on the Internet.

The traffic goes up on all fronts. More people search on Google, more people browse Facebook, more people go shopping, and more people do research.

That’s great news for website builders like us! If there’s more people spending more time online, the chances are they’re going to be spending more time on your site. If you run a community website then it’s a great time to to engage with your website visitors. And if you sell products, or use your website to showcase your company, then there’s a real opportunity to reach new people and get some new leads.

So the next time you’re tutting about the inconvenience, remember that your website will be reaping the benefits – there’s a silver lining to the (snow heavy) cloud!

Anyone caught out today? Leave us a message below.

Update 3.2.09: I just checked our website stats package (we use Google Analytics) for traffic yesterday and it looks like I was right. We had many more visitors than normal for a Monday. Here’s the graph:

So if you weren’t struggling to get around, or building a snowman, you were probably on the Internet!

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People of the World…..build websites

One for the geography students out there. By far the greatest majority of webeden’s site visits come from the US, UK and Europe, there’s no surprise there, because that’s where we tend to spend our advertising dollars/pounds/euros.

Some of the more remote (to us anyway) website visitors this month have come from

Tehran, Iran, 2 visits. Kathmandu, Nepal, 2 visits, and from Porto Velho, Brazil 3 visits.

How do we know this? We run a stats package (Google analytics) which gives us data on almost everyone who visits our site. Why do we do this? We want to know where the interest in products is coming from and adjust our ad targeting accordingly.

There’s nothing difficult about this at all. If you want to see who’s visiting your site, we think the best free stats package on the market is found at www.google.com/analytics. And Yes. You can use it with your webeden website.

So go on, give it a go. Just go to ‘admin’ on your sitemaker toolbar, choose ’statistics’ from the drop down menu and you’ll find a ’sign up to google analytics’ button in the toolbox.

Tara X.

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