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Email data to be stored by ISPs

There’s an interesting story being covered by lots of sites including the BBC about new rules that force ISPs keep customer email data for a year.

From March this year, all ISPs will have to store information about EVERY email that you send or receive!

Lots of people are up in arms about this including human rights group Liberty. ISPs themselves aren’t too happy about, according to the Internet Service Providers association. Its going to cost too, estimates ranging between £25m and £70m

The Home Office – of course –are saying that this is a vital part of combating crime and terror.

The law comes in on March the 15th as part of a European commission directive. Some reports indicate that the government have even more plans for retaining data: Its called the Interception Modernisation Programme. This will be some sort of enormous database which will include details on every text, email, and phone call made or received, and every website visited.

What we really want to know is where are they going to store all that information? More than three billion emails are sent every day in the UK, so someone is going to have to start buying servers pretty soon!

What do you think – are you bothered about the government having the potential to snoop on your personal text and email relations? Leave us a comment below.

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