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Minimalist Web Design

The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus defined “The bigger the better” as: how much you value or want something is decided how big it is. But does this really counts for everything in life?

No, definitely not when it comes to web design. Yes, I know there will always be that someone who “knows” better or “thinks” that he knows better.


Get rid of needless things

Why would you want to include unnecessary elements and content in your web design? Certain designs can affect the usability of a website so you need to focus on the things that are important to your target market. Keep it simple – decide whether you want to include images etc. but you also need to make sure that you don’t lose the impact that you originally had in mind.


Keep colour to the minimum

Bright colours definitely do stand out but black, white or grey can add significance when it comes to minimalism. Choosing the right accent colours is vital but there is always room for any colours of the rainbow. Just be careful when it comes to bright colours – you don’t want your website to look like the exterior walls of the nursery on the corner of the street.


White and Grey emphasize

Take your minimalist web design to a larger extent with white spaces. To emphasize some elements over others, it is critical to use white space but try to avoid “empty” spaces. Shades of grey can be used for backgrounds and works beautifully when combined with black, white or other colours.


 Make every detail count

When you decide on doing minimalist web design, it is important to realize that all the other details have significance. Borders, spaces, colours, – the overall look – must all come together when there are just a few other elements.

You can still put your individual “stamp” on your website despite the minimalism. It can basically be anything: elegant or sophisticated, modern, fresh or even funky.



This is one element of minimalism where bigger is allowed to be better. Making use of big typography can make a huge impact on a website. It is a popular choice for headers, accents, and to add visual interests.

Circles are also very popular for minimalist websites. It can be used as accents in headings, logos and for navigation.o, next time you are planning a web design, remember you can keep it simple but beautiful.

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Softwate Update

New Light-box image effects

For traditional web developers who write their own code, there has been a cool way of displaying images called ‘light-box’.

We’ve now brought this effect to WebEden so that you can take advantage of it too!

Now, when in edit mode there’s a new ‘pop up’ tab in the Editor which let’s you set the pop-up flag, the pop-up image and an image caption.

This is what the editor looks like:

This means that any image can be popped up to full size, so that your visitors can get it in all its original glory.

This is what the same image looks like when popped up on the screen:

NB. This feature isn’t available for images inside galleries or frames, but we’ll look at extending it further in the future.

The only drawback at the moment is that this isn’t available for images inside galleries or those in frames.

That’s it

Take a look at the new features and let us know what you think by leaving a comment on the blog, Facebook or Twitter.

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Creative Technologies

Create a word picture for your website

Do you have trouble finding images for your website? Are you able to find a good matching image for your carefully crafted text?

If you’re anything like me, it’s a real challenge and part of the challenge is in the choice.

You can choose an image that you have taken, but the chances are that it lacks the right lighting and setting of a professional shot. You could also resort to searching on Google images, but of course run the risk of infringing someone else’s copyright. And then there’s buying images – I like fotolia.com – but you may not want to shell out each time.

Wordle is a fun way to create a relevant image without actually resorting to an image. This online service creates a word-based masterpiece from a paragraph of text on your (or any) web page.

You can choose from a basic cloud image popular on WordPress blogs, or something a little more artistic. Just go to Wordle.net/create and paste your text into the box.

Here’s a something made from the text of this post

Take a look and share with us what your image looks like!

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Video Tutorials

Website Builder Tutorials: How to add Photo Crop to your images

Have a root around in the attic and you might be able to dig out an old photo album or two.

“What’s that” I hear you say?!

Back before digital cameras were the norm, we all kept our photos in gold ‘ole photo albums.

With the WebEden Photo crop you can replicate the look and feel of an old school photo album right here on your website. Perfect for a bit of nostalgia. And it looks pretty cool too.

Let us know how you get on!

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