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Softwate Update

What do I do if my menu disappears?

Bit of an unusual post for the blog this one, but we’ve had a few enquiries so we thought we’d make it easier for all of you.

What’s happening?

In short, we have a small bug in the Sitemaker system which sometimes results in your website menu disappearing. This is called a ‘bad save’. If this happens don’t worry: your menu hasn’t disappeared, it has just been placed off the visual part of the website.

What do I do to get my menu back?

1. From your control panel click the ‘design’ menu. Then click ‘Menu’. You’ll then get a dialogue box that looks like this:

2. Click on the ‘Reposition and Scale’ button. You then get another dialogue box that looks like this:

Can you see how the ‘X’ value in this box has been set at -17654? What’s happening is that your menu has been placed 17,654 pixels off the left hand side of your website.

To get it back, just change the ‘x’ value to ‘20’. Boom – your menu is back!

You can now move the menu around as normal.

This bug will be fixed with the next update of our website builder system.

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