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How the BP Oil spill is being played out on Google

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a huge, tragic environmental disaster.

10,000 barrels of oil a day are pouring into the sea, killing sea and bird life and wrecking a beautiful coastline for a generation.

There is a war of blame being played out on our TVs nightly. Obama and the American people blame BP. BP blame the company they leased the equipment from. Reputations are hanging in tatters.

Huge events drive people to seek more information online, and they often turn to Google for that information. In this case there has been a huge growth in the number of searches related to the oil spill.

BP have been quite to pick up on this fact, and are using Google AdWords to defend their reputation. They’re currently bidding on oil spill related keywords with this advert.

They’re keen to communicate all the ways in which they are helping to fight and clean up the spill.

Wherever there’s blame, there’s a court case. And some wily law firms have wised up to this by using Google AdWords themselves, this time to gather weight behind legal action against BP.

These law firms know that any payout by BP will be huge, and they want to start the ball rolling now.

The oil spill has also had an influence on domain names, with hundreds of oil spill related domains such as bigoilspills.com being registered. Again, it’s the law firms hoping to represent claimants in their battle to win damages from BP.

The whole episode is a sad one, but which also has a huge economic influence on anyone connected.

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