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UK Support for a UK Website Builder

There’s been quite a lot of coverage recently about UK companies who choose to save money by outsourcing their support function offshore. In many ways it makes lots of financial sense: as we’re constantly being told on the news, these are ‘hard times’, so all organisations are looking for quick and easy ways to save costs.

Of course there are drawbacks too. One of the biggest will be whether an offshore support service will be there when you need them. And for the company concerned, it’s obviously going to be whether they can feel in control when their support people might be sitting in another country, or even another continent.

At WebEden we have considered the idea of offshore support, but to be honest it was quite easy to reject it quite early on. Here’s why:

First of all, quite simply we’re nuts about WebEden. We eat, breathe, live, and sleep WebEden from dawn until dusk, and we can’t imagine that passion outside of this room.

Second, we speak your language. This isn’t about our command of English – you only have to read this blog to see that ain’t perfect – but its about the language of website building. When you say ‘I pressed on that “thingumy”, now I can’t see it’, we know just what you mean, and how to find that thingumy again!

Third, we’ve got a reputation to protect! That sounds a bit arrogant doesn’t it? But we’ve dealt with tens of thousands of support and help questions over the years, and the feedback we’ve had is that you’re very happy with our answers. You trust us, and we don’t want to jeopardize that.

Fourth, we keep your hours. We’re here when you’re building your website, so you don’t need to wait hours and hours and hours for someone to get back to you.

Fifth we built it, so we know how it works. The Sitemaker system has been in development for the best part of a decade, and we can’t possibly pass all that knowledge onto someone else. I mean, where would we start?! Its one thing being able to follow a support script, but that would be scratching the service. When you’re building websites with the WebEden website creator day in day out, you know it like no other.

And finally – and here’s the shameless plug – if you get completely stuck we can finish off your website for you, thanks to our affordable web design service.

I never miss an opportunity to sell, do I!

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