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Facebook and Twitter make you Happy!

Well you heard it here first. Despite what the techno-naysayers would have you believe, Facebook might actually bring a smile to your face.

According to research by BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT – social networking and Instant Messaging make us feel both happier and less isolated.

Access to Technology

There is apparently a clear link between well being and access to technology, with social networking providing the largest emotional benefit. It’s all down to the additional level of contact that Facebook and the like give you with your friends and family.

It doesn’t replace traditional stuff

The fear cited by many is that these new ways of interacting are replacing the traditional face to face stuff. This research indicates that it augments rather than replaces it.

“Social networking makes us happier.” was how Paul Flatters from Trajectory Partnership, which worked with BCS on the research, summed up.

“Given the immediate uplift in life satisfaction that people experience when using these sites, teaching people about how to use services like Facebook could be a more effective way of bridging the digital divide and getting people online.”

In response to the research The Chartered Institute for IT is planning to launch a getting-started guide to social networking as just one part of its Savvy Citizens campaign, encouraging people to get online.

Does Facebook make you happy? Is Twitter leaving you satisfied? Does Messenger bring a smile to your lips? Leave us a comment below.

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How to get 1,000s of followers on Twitter: Befriend Kanye West

A Twitter user experienced Twitter meltdown last month as a result of being followed by rap star Kanye West.

Kanye only decided to join Twitter last month, and has already amassed over a million followers. Getting to grips with the service, he posted a Twitpic of his diamond tooth. In response, Coventry Based Steven Holmes – who tweets as ste_101 – asked him whether he used Colgate or polish to clean them.

Kanye immediately followed Steven back – the only person at that point that Kanye decided to follow.

From that point, Mr Holmes has been swamped with messages to such an extent that his Twitter account went into ‘melt down’.

Commenting on how he had managed to catch the attention of Kanye, Mr Holmes tweeted

“I just told a joke. Humour is the key” and “I guess a witty joke was all it took”.

Apparently Holmes has had a lot of abuse from others, which he has then tweeted about. Kanye urged him to “Tweet strong young man, tweet strong”.

For his part Kanye described Holmes as “the chosen one”.

And what is Kanye up to on Twitter? Well here’s something he posted last Saturday:  “Being nice is the s**t … working on being a doper person #ITSAPROCESS”.

Pearls of wisdom there.

So now you. Forget all the advice we give you about marketing your site online. All you need to do to boost your follower numbers is to catch the attention of a celebrity…

Had any success hob-nobbing with the stars? Leave us a comment below.

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20 billion and counting

A few weeks ago Twitter saw its 20 billionth Tweet. The micro blogging service took almost four years to reach its 10 billionth – in March this year – and just 5 months to double it.

Twitter marked the occasion by highlighting the 20 billionth tweet to the world. It was sent at 3.45pm on Saturday the 31st by GGGGGGo_Lets_Go, a graphic designer for an advertising agency in Tokyo.

The tweet was apparently part of a larger conversation which, roughly translated means “So that means the barrage might come back later all at once.”

Having been highlighted by Twitter, the user was then swamped by a Twitterverse of congratulations.

He responded with “Looks like I posted the 20 billionth tweet. I’m getting replies from people all over the world. It’s scary. What are the chances? Maybe I’m going to die.

“Is it more amazing than winning the lottery? I thought it was a joke.”

Japan is the second biggest market for Twitter (behind just the US), representing 12% of all Tweets.

So, anyone want to lay bets on how fast the next 10bn will be racked up? Are you following WebEden on Twitter (shameless plug…).

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MySpace users move on

It was the original Social Network, one that many believe spawned the genre. A new breed of Internet startup, it was snapped up by Rupert Murdoch for $850m back in 2005. But now it seems that users have had enough of MySpace. Users fell by a whopping 49% in the last year.

Users leaving & so are the staff

Figures released by online traffic monitoring firm ComScore show that the MySpace total audience dropped from 6.5m in May 2009 to 3.3m in May 2010. This period has also seen the departure of high-profile staff including CEO Owen Van Natta.

Good for Musicians

Having launched as a place where anyone could have a free homepage, to which they could add content such as chat, images, text, MySpace was rapidly adopted by young people as a place to showcase their interests. Bands too were quick to set up MySpace pages, and more recently the brand has been trying to position itself as a music specialist: MySpace music launched in December of last year.

Another win for Facebook

So where are the users going? I’ll give you one guess… The UK has around 38m Internet users. 9 out of 10 of those use Social Media. Facebook of course tops the chart, with 30.4m users – 79% of the UK online population. It’s up 28% in the last year along.

And Twitter?

Despite its media coverage, Twitter is used by just 4.3m, but the rate of growth is fast –  up 69% in the last year.

Not only are more of us using social media, we’re spending more time on it too. In May 2009 we spent 4.6 hours per month, and that’s now up to 7.1 hours.

What about you?

Are you, or were you ever a MySpace fan? Have you moved on? As a website builder are you managing to get more users to your site by engaging people on Social Media? Leave us a comment below.

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The New Twitter: have you got it yet?

Control your heartbeat. Calm yourself. Retain some self awareness: there’s a new Twitter!

It’s got a brand new User Interface (UI) which allows you to embed photos and videos a bit like… well a bit like Facebook really.

The new UI is gradually rolling out today one account at the time. For a time you’ll be able to switch between the old and new versions.
Twitter describes the new layout as being “an easier, faster and richer experience”.

“You will now find @mentions, retweets, searches, and lists just above your timeline – creating a single, streamlined view on the left of the screen. On the right, you can see the features you’re familiar with, including whom you recently followed and who recently followed you, favorites, and Trending Topics,” they went on.

Here’s some marketing hot air from Twitter:

Have you got it yet? Are you liking what you find? Leave us a comment below

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We now like Social Networking more than we like Searching

Data from UK online monitoring firm Hitwise has revealed that for the first time we are visiting social networking websites more than search engines. In May 2010, visits to social networks made up 11.88% of the total, compared to 11.33% to search engines.

Here’s the graph, reproduced from Hitwise:

Of the social networking sites, Facebook makes up 55% of visits, the biggest by a long way.

YouTube takes up 2nd place, followed by Twitter in 3rd. Again, here’s the info direct from Hitwise:

Facebook still lags well behind Google as the most popular website. but whilst Google market share is broadly static, Facebook in on the rise.

Here’s another graph from Hitwise:

You know what I’m going to say don’t you?!

This highlights the increasing importance of using Social Networking websites to find new visitors for your site. Make sure you Integrate your website with Facebook and Twitter. Add a Twitter feed to your website. And of course you can now add a Facebook ‘like’ button to your website too.

Have you had good success reaching out to new visitors from social networks? Has this been on the rise? Leave us a comment below.

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Twitter is not going to allow third party advertising on their website

Twitter has just announced that they will not allow third party advertising platforms to place adverts on their service.

Keeping out Clutter

This is probably because they shortly plan to roll out their ‘Promoted Tweet Program’, which allows you to pay to promote your Tweets to more users. No doubt they do not wish to clutter the service with lots of competing adverts from alternative providers, which may put users off the service.

Twitter also plan to launch ‘commercial accounts‘ for businesses. Since they have yet to make any mone, there’s a lot resting on both of these programs.

Twitter is usually open to 3rd parties

Twitter have always been very open about third party services and websites accessing their service. They have an open API which allows programmers to access data and stream data live from Twitter. This is how it’s possible to place your Twitter feed on your WebEden website. It also makes possible all the third party client platforms such as Tweetdeck and Seesmic.

It has also made it possible for Twitter results to appear on both Google and Bing.

In a ponderous post on the official Twitter blog, founder Biz Stone defended his position by saying that he was looking to ‘ensure the long-term health and value of the user experience’ by ‘fostering user delight and satisfaction’


Promoted Tweets themselves will exist ‘primarily in search and then in the timeline’, but won’t bombard users. Twitter are keen that “Promoted Tweets are only shown when they make sense for users and enhance the user experience”.

Giving your Website a Personality

Twitter can be an important way for you to give your website some personality, and for you to maintain a relationship with your website visitors even when they’re not on your website. Promoted Tweets look like being a good opporunty to grab more potential visitors.

Once live we’ll be sure to be writing about Promoted Tweets – and showing you how to use it – here on the WebEden blog.

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How much time do you spend online?

According to the UK Online Measurement company (UKCOM), the amount of time people spend online has mushroomed by 65% over the last three years. The average Briton now spends almost a day a month surfing the web.
Most of that time is spent either on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, or on blogs. These account for almost 25% of all time spent online.

Not all web activities have grown: Instant Messaging (IM) used to be a real favourite in the UK, but its use is in decline. Whilst three years ago people spent around 14% of their time using IM, it now comes in at just 5%.

Meanwhile, that old favourite ‘Email’ continues to play an important role, up from 6.5% to 7.2%.

Other risers include classified adverts & auctions (up to 4.7%) and online news (up to 2.8%).

Here’s the full list:

Social networks / blogs – 22.7%
E-mail – 7.2%
Games – 6.9%
Instant Messaging – 4.9%
Classified/Auctions – 4.7%
Portals – 4%
Search – 4%
Software info/products – 3.4%
News – 2.8%
Adult – 2.7%
Source: UKOM

Since there are 85 different categories, the fact that ‘adult’ makes it into the top ten shows that it continues to be popular.

What does this mean for you

If you’re a website builder, this survey makes interesting reading. To start with, increased net use shows that your website will have an ever growing opportunity to gain visitors.

Second, the online activities of Joe public point to the areas that you should be using to boost your visitor numbers.

The increasing popularity of social networking sites shows that you should be looking to get visitors from both Facebook and Twitter. Here’s a Video Tutorial on how to integrate your website with Facebook and Twitter. And here’s one on how to add a Twitter feed to your website.

Email is also an important way to reach visitors. Make sure you give users the chance to sign up to a newsletter from your website.

And search engines should also be a good source of visitors. Here’s a link to the first part of our SEO Guide.

Do you know where your visitors are coming from? Has that changed? Leave us a comment below.

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Search the Twitter Archive

Google have created an archive of Tweets that you can search through. The archive shows what people were saying on a topic at a point in history, and the volume of comments too.

Google say they have created this archive as they say it provides great insight into events as they happened, and how people reacted to them.

To find the new tool, choose ‘updates’ from the left hand menu of the new look Google results page. At the top of the page is a chart which looks like this:

You can click on a point in the timeline and check out the Tweets that were being published.

The screengrab example above looks at the pattern of ‘golden gate park’ tweets. There’s a daily spike in mentions each afternoon, probably because people are more likely to be in the park. There’s a big peak on the 27th March, which is explained by the very sunny weather in San Francisco that day – more people were talking about going to the park.

You can replay any type of Tweets – try taking a look at some that are relevant and local to you. What did you find? Leave us a comment below.

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How many searches per month are carried out on Twitter?

There’s a story over on Search Engine Land that discusses the number of searches carried out on Twitter every month. This is following the redesign on the Twitter homepage to make the service more search focused.

At the Twitter Chirp conference Co founder Ev Williams said that the service is handling a massive 19 billion searches per month. That, incredibly, is more than Bing and Yahoo combined. And that’s from a service that is in reality just 3 years old.

Here’s the official monthly search figures of all the top players, according to comScore:

Google: 88 billion per month
Twitter: 19 billion per month
Yahoo: 9.4 billion per month
Bing: 4.1 billion per month

Google numbers are for more than just the search engine, and include those for images, maps and –crucially – YouTube). As you can see, Twitter is now in position 2.

However, there are a few holes in Twitter figures. For a starter they’re self reporting. Secondly, those searches are often made by third party applications such as desktop clients tweetdeck and Seesmic.

And thirdly – and most significantly – many are ‘standing queries’ that are being carried out on a users behalf. For example, one of my columns in Tweetdeck is a search for ‘webeden’, so I can have a look to see if anyone is mentioning us. I’m not making that search every day, but did it once when I set up Tweetdeck. But now Tweetdeck is carrying out that search on my behalf every 150 seconds throughout the day.

Last but not least, many users choose to display their Twitter profile or a keyword search on their websites. (If you want to do this watch our tutorial on how to put your Twitter profile on your website). In these cases it’s the actual websites that are making constant, standing searches on Twitter.

So the figure of 19bn might be not quite what we’d understand as 19bn if it was searches being carried out on one of the traditional search engines. They aren’t all individual varied searches for information, products or services.

As for the actual Twitter Search page, it contributes just ‘ a few million’ searches per months. Here’s our in depth guide on how to search on Twitter.

Do you find Twitter search useful? Were you even aware it existed? Leave us a comment below.

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