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Boxing day breaks online shopping records

Back in December we talked about whether Christmas was a good time or a bad time for selling online. It all comes down to the type of products you offer. For consumer facing websites selling clothes, gadgets and gifts its boom time. For everyone else it’s a real slowdown.

For WebEden we charted the reducing number of visitors throughout the month.

Back on the 6th of December it was supposed to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. So called ‘Cyber Monday’ was late enough to ensure that everyone was in present buying mood, but early enough to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

Online monitoring firm Hitwise UK revealed that this year Cyber Monday was been eclipsed by online shopping on Boxing day.

The next busiest shopping day was actually 27th December, which beat Cyber Monday into third spot.

Hitwise also showed that Christmas Eve and even Christmas day were busy shopping days too, up by 36% over the previous year. So plenty of people were choosing bargains while the rest of us were guzzling turkey.

The main beneficiaries of this shopping frenzy were high street retailers who sell online, including Tesco, Debenhams, Next and Currys. Those online retailers without an offline presence actually had reduced traffic.

According to Robin Goad at Hitwise UK it’s all about whether or not the websites were heavily promoting a sale. Apparently UK sales related searches were up by 25% in Christmas week.

As for WebEden this year our traffic figure dropped to right down on Christmas day, but made a solid recovery the next. Here’s a traffic graph for the whole Christmas period.

Was your website busy for Christmas week, or did visitors fall away like WebEden’s? Are you having any luck promoting a sale? Leave us a comment below.

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Is Christmas a good time or a bad time for sales?

Online Sales Christmas Boom

There’s been plenty of news in the press about how online sales are booming this Christmas.

Research from GSI Commerce out last week showed that despite the credit crunch online shopping was set to have another bumper year.

More specifically the research showed that, compared to last year, twice as many consumers are prepared to spend more than £1,000 when visiting an ecommerce website.

So people who run websites are rubbing their hands with glee at the moment are they?

Well it’s not quite as simple as that. At the moment the UK is focused on Christmas, on turkey, on holidays, and on presents. So if you sell turkeys, Christmas trees, or great Christmas gifts, then your sales should be booming.

But at the end of the day people only have so much time in their day, and so much money in their pocket. And if they’re spending that time and money shopping for Christmas, then they’re not doing other more ‘normal’ activity.

So whilst many online retailers have their cash tills ringing, other online businesses are getting squeezed.

Christmas for WebEden

I can show you what I mean by sharing some traffic stats for WebEden. Our website building tool is neither wholly business focused nor wholly consumer focused. Some businesses use WebEden to build a website. And many individuals build personal websites too.

But one thing that we are not is Christmas present material. We’re yet to see a WebEden website stuffed into anyone’s stocking!

So as people’s minds turn to Christmas, they turn away from building websites. Here’s a screen grab from our Google analytics.

As you can see we’ve seen a steady decline since the start of December.

This trend will continue until Christmas day, there will be a short rise in traffic the following week, and then another slump for new year.

So if like us your business has nothing to do with Christmas, you’re probably seeing a similar picture.

What happens in the New Year?

The silver lining here is that January is usually the biggest month of the year for website traffic.

Online retailers launch their sales. And business focused websites see a steep rise in traffic as people return to work in order to ‘get to grips’ with the new year.

Have you had a look at what’s happening with your website traffic? Are you seeing a pre-christmas peak or are you bumping along the bottom? Leave us a comment below.

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Twitter now the 50th most visited Website

More interesting research is out this week, once again from Hitwise. It shows the continuing growth in traffic of Twitter. UK visits to the micro-blogging service have gone up 6 times this year, and are up an amazing 32 times between March 2008 and 2009.

Here’s a nice graph:

This is despite the fact that other research has found that 60% of Twitter users leave in the first month.

Twitter has now entered the top 50 websites in the UK, outranking major players such as he Daily Mail, RightMove, MSN UK Search, Directgov, and all retail websites – with the exception of eBay, Amazon UK, Play.com and Argos.

Even though it has had such strong growth, Twitter is still only ranks the 5th most popular social networking site.

But where is the traffic coming from? Its perhaps an indication of the increasing interconnectedness of social networking platforms, that Twitter’s largest source of traffic is actually Facebook, which makes up almost 20% of all its’ visits. Its possible to ‘tweet’ from your Facebook page, and you can also update your Facebook status from twitter too.

But once people arrive on Twitter, they’re also following links they find there in order to move on: twitter is the 36th biggest source of traffic to other UK websites.

The top four downstream categories of websites from Twitter are Entertainment, Social Networks, News & Media and Lifestyle.

Are you tweeting? Do you want to follow WebEden on twitter? Do you see the point? Leave us a comment below.

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The Greatest Story ever told

What is the biggest story in the world? The most well known, the one we’re all interested in, one that will be handed down from parent to child throughout the ages?

Is it the birth of Jesus? Or a biblical classic such as Noah’s Ark? What about something a bit closer to home: 1066 and all that? The battle of Britain? The story of England winning the world cup?

If you let Internet traffic answer this question, you’ll get an answer you didn’t expect.

The financial crisis has sparked an unprecedented interest in financial news. The Financial Times website FT.com has reported a 300 per cent growth in page views since the start of 2008.

And the BBC’s business pages recorded an all time peak after reports of the collapse of Lehman Brothers broke. The story headed ‘Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy got more than 1.9 million page views, which makes it the most popular story since the launch of the website.

OK, maybe not the greatest story ever told, but one thing is for sure: If you want more traffic on your site, makes sure you build a website that includes the latest financial bad news!

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