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YouTube turns 6

Well who’d have thought it? That tiny crying baby is no longer – YouTube is now fully grown up. Well, 6 years old at any rate.

And do you know the quite scary facts?

Fact 1: There are over 48 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube every minute.

Fact 2: There are 3billion views every day on the site.

Here’s a nice infographic from YouTube to sum it all up.

A fan? Or had enough of the big ‘Y’? Leave us a comment below.

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Video Tutorials

Website Builder Tutorials: How to add YouTube clips to your Website

Another great but simple video tutorial this week.

Remember when online video was slow and stuttery, full of buffering and such like? Youtube changed all that. Now online video is mostly seemless and smooth.

And the great thing about online video is that it keeps people on your website. It engages visitors, it inspires them, and it makes them more likely to stick around.

Thankfully the WebEden Website Builder is fully integrated with Youtube – you can place any youtube clip on your WebEden website. Watch the tutorial to find out how.

Have you got a good example of video on your website? Leave us a comment below.

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Softwate Update

What do you think of our Meebo Bar?

This morning we installed a ‘Meebo Bar‘ on this blog. It runs across the bottom of your web browser, and looks like this:

What’s it for?

The Meebo bar allows you to carry out a number of ‘social media’ actions, and access other social media services, all from the WebEden Blog.

Drag to Share

You can hover over images and then drag and share them on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media services. This is what it look like:


You can instantly access and join WebEden’s Facebook page:


You can see the latest Tweets from our Twitter Profile:


You can also access all the YouTube tutorials from our YouTube channel:


You can also chat with freinds on Messenger, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger all without leaving the WebEden page.

What do you think?

The question is: What do you think of it? Is this a useful addition to the website that helps you use and interact with it? Or is it an irrelevance, or worse: an annoyance?

Leave us a comment below!

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Google Products

Google gives the green light to ‘You(Tube) been framed’

Can you remember the first time you watched a video clip on YouTube? For many of us, it was a web funny of someone falling off a bike / having an accident / singing with their teeth out…

Many of these become incredibly popular and end up getting watched millions of times, despite never appearing on television. The clips ‘go viral’ as links are emailed from person to person, since people are keen to share the humour.

The popularity of these user-generated clips isn’t new. TV shows like ‘You’ve Been Framed’ have been cashing in on home video calamities for the best part of 20 years.

I was always amazed that ITV managed to cobble together enough clips to fill half an hour of TV every week. Until I realized, that is, that every person sending in a video received £250 if the video ended up in the show.

Now YouTube has recognised the revenue potential of user generated clips like these, and – just like the TV show – want to reward people if their video becomes popular. They’ve decided to copy the ‘You’ve Been Framed’ model and pay users for the video clips they upload.

Users who upload a successful video clip will receive an email that includes a link saying ‘enable revenue sharing’, next to the video on the watch page. Once the user agrees to participate in the revenue sharing process, Google will place ads around the video, and pay a percentage of the money generated into the users’ Google Adsense account.

“To determine whether a particular video is eligible for monetisation, we look at factors like the number of views, the video’s virality and compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service,” said YouTube product manager Shenaz Zack.

There has already been plenty of news about how Google wants to forge closer links with TV production companies. But this shows that even successful individuals can get rewards from producing popular content.

Ever fallen into a hedge on camera? Fancy trying to cash in on it? Do you think that paying content producers is the way forward for YouTube? Leave us a comment below.

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Digital Marketing

It was the Internet wot won it

IIt all seems like a long time ago now, but the 2008 US election is still being trawled over in the blogosphere. What’s emerging is that many claim the 2008 US election was won – and lost – on the Internet. But what exactly does that mean?

Of course the Sun Newspaper famously claimed it was them that secured victory for John Major back in 1992, against Neil Kinnock, by running a sustained campaign of pro conservative party political stories.

So if it was the Internet that won it this time around, let’s look at exactly why that claim is now being made.

To start with, there’s the fact that this was the first US election when social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Myspace even existed. YouTube was only founded in 2005, and both MySpace and Facebook had but a tiny proportion of eyeballs that they now attract.

Social media websites are of course some of the most popular destinations on the web. Whilst people used to just search for information or products and them buy them, now they’re interacting, conversing and opinion forming using social media. For the first time, people are ‘giving’ a bit of themselves to the web.

For example, lots of voters used Facebook, Myspace etc, to show off their participation in voting, by taking pictures of themselves at the booths.

They also sent each other ‘vote Obama’ and ‘vote McCain’ buttons, and wrote about each on their own pages. Of course where their ‘friends’ had written about their favourite candidate they wrote comments and opinions in response.

More active members posted comments onto other sites, such as blogs and forums. And of course there’s Twitter: literally hundreds ‘Tweeted’ about the election and their candidate.

Barack Obama even launched his own micro-social network called MyarackObama.com.

Chris Kelly of Facebook said that this sort of activity boosted voter turnout. By 10pm there were 4.9m Facebook users who had said they had voted.

So was it the Internet wot won it? There’s so many hundreds of factors that make up a person’s mind, and there’s no doubt that like never before the Internet played a role. Its probably just a taster of things to come for the UK.

One things is for sure: as someone who knows how to make a website, you may have great influence over the outcome of future elections.

So Brown, Cameron, are you going to use the Web for UK 2010? To borrow from another well know ‘Twitterer’, ‘Yes you can.’.

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Softwate Update Video Tutorials

WebEden launches on YouTube

Fow a few months now we’ve been producing website builder video tutorials that highlight a feature with the Webeden website making system. These tutorials are in response to requests for help we get here at Webeden, and are designed to enable you to get more out of WebEden.co.uk.

Every time we finish a tutorial we upload it into YouTube, and then embed it into the video tutorials page.

But have you ever wanted to see all the tutorials together? Now you can, thanks to the WebEden YouTube channel. In this we’ve brought together all our tutorials. You can navigate to the one which addresses the issue that you’re facing, and quickly watch it before moving onto the next.

You can subscribe to the WebEden YouTube channel, or leave comments and ratings of the Video tutorials you watch. Want to see something else explained in a video tutorial? Just leave us a comment and let us know!

We’ve also added the YouTube logo onto the left hand side of every page in the blog, so you can easily find your way back there.  Check out our YouTube channel – and if you  like (or loathe!) it, leave a comment or a rating!

27.1.09 Update. If you want to find out how to add YouTube videos to your own website, then watch our how to add YouTube Video tutorial now!

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Christmas is a time for family. Isn’t it?

The Hitwise newsletter is full of interesting information about website traffic, and what people are searching for online. This time around they’ve discussed the continuing growth of social networking websites in the UK.

Now you’d expect social networking websites (like Facebook, Myspace, Bebo) to be booming with traffic in December. Lots of people have more social time on their hands, are arranging nights out, and are generally getting into the festive social atmosphere.

On Christmas Eve, most people go off and spend time with our families, and don’t really emerge until New Years’ Eve. But do we really want to be cooped up with our relations? This research says a most resounding ‘NO!’

Christmas Day 2007 was a high point for traffic on Facebook. By the middle of the year that peak had been eclipsed, but yet again Facebook reached a new high on Christmas Day 2008. An incredible 4.7% off all website visits on Christmas day were for Facebook! So when we should have been drinking sherry, opening presents, gorging on turkey, watching TV and playing charades, we actually wanted to find out what our friends were up to!

Once you add in other social networking sites like YouTube, the numbers are even more amazing: 1 in 10 Internet visits during Christmas week were for social networking sites.

So when it comes to Christmas day, are you a Turkey Traditionalist? Or did you secretly boot up your laptop and check out Facebook? Leave us a comment below.

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Google Products Softwate Update

YouTube update to improve reliability

We’re back again for probably the last post of the year. Before we get weighed down by the expectations of the New Year celebrations, we wanted to let you know about a couple of updates to the Webeden.co.uk website builder.

First off, we’ve carried out an upgrade to the video player: we’re now using YouTube’s own API. What exactly does that mean? Well its all about how YouTube delivers data to your webeden website, and the long and the short of it is that its a huge boost to reliability. Basically, if YouTube change how they serve videos or upgrade how their system works, you don’t need to worry about the video on your website failing. We will automatically find any changes and make sure the video feed is kept live.

The one thing you need to be on top of is whether the video owner has marked the video as “private” or “embed only”. If they’ve done that, the video won’t be available via our player, and will not therefore run on your site.
Second off, we’ve added four new templates to choose from. Check them out, we hope you like them.

And lastly, and perhaps more boringly, we’ve reorganised the file manager a little bit, which including an ‘all’ folder. This should make finding things a bit easier.

Have a play with these updates and let us know what you think, using the form below.

OK, that’s it. Have a great New Year, and we wish you happy Website Building in 2009!

27.1.09 Update. If you want to find out how to add YouTube videos to your own website, then watch our how to add YouTube Video tutorial now!

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Getting video on your website

OK, who here hasn’t heard of YouTube? Come on, there must be someone? No?! Well what did I expect! The truth is, YouTube, and a whole range of other less well known video websites have been an Internet phenomenon of the last couple of years. We’ve all been emailed a link to a funny clip, or watched a ‘best bit’ from a television programme on there.

And an enterprising few of you have probably had a go at uploading a video yourself. Whether you’ve recorded something from the television, or added a clip from your own camera or camera phone, the process of getting short movies onto YouTube is very easy.

Thanks to the clever thinking of a few people, the power of television now exists on a website.

But did you know that you can have exactly the same videos that you see on YouTube, embedded into your webeden.co.uk website?

We’ve made it really easy. To get a YouTube video onto your webeden.co.uk website, just go to the ‘Insert’ Menu, and choose ‘Insert Object’. At the top of the list you can choose ‘Video – YouTube’. Use the editor button to link to the YouTube URL of the video. (The URL of the video can be found to the right of the video on YouTube.) Once you’ve got the video onto your webeden.co.uk website, you can drag and drop it anywhere you like, just like a normal image. You can set the video to Autoplay, hide away the controls, keep the aspect ratio when you’re resizing it, and so much more.

This feature is available on all our packages, even the free website builder!

But why would you want to put a video on your website? Well, for exactly the same reason that you yourself have watched a video on YouTube. Lets face it, we all find short movies entertaining – we’re so used to reading text on a website, it provides an exciting break from the norm. So if you want to engage the visitors to your website, and get them to stay on your website longer, then its a great idea to add a YouTube video clip.

What should be in your video? Well, ultimately you need to add something that’s relevant to your website. If you’re selling products, then what about a video demonstration of the product being used? If you’ve got a hotel then show short videos of the rooms, or the views.

Reasearch has been shown that where video exists alongside a product, sales of that product go up.

Have any of you already added some video to your website? Leave us a message below with a link to your website, and we can showcase it as an example – and let other people learn from your YouTube skills!

27.1.09 Update. If you want to find out how to add YouTube videos to your own website, then watch our how to add YouTube Video tutorial now!

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